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2018-06-07 00:50:06

Hey everyone! RB here with another Opus VI Card of the Week. Now, every card can’t be a Legend (or Garnet), we have to fill sets with Commons, too. While Common cards are often a lot more straightforward than Hero or Legend cards, there are still some Common cards that can be really cool in a set and cause shifts in the meta. While Fire hasn’t been too popular on its own, it has done well at a number of events when paired with Ice. We’ve seen Fire/Ice decks themed around Category VI and VII, but this week’s Card of the Week, Kiros [6-004C], opens up the door for a Fire/Ice deck themed around Category VIII!

Kiros Seagill is a temporary playable character in FINAL FANTASY VIII, part of Laguna Loire’s party. His role in both the story and in combat itself can be broken down to two simple facts: He is always supportive of his friends, Laguna and Ward; and he’s fast. While there’s not much more to say about Kiros without playing the game for yourself, let’s keep those facts in mind as we take a look at his card.

Kiros [6-004C] is a 2 CP Fire Forward with 5000 power, category Pictologica and VIII, and the job Warrior. He has an ability which reads, “When Kiros enters the field, choose 1 Forward you control other than Kiros. It gains +2000 power until the end of the turn. If it is a Category VIII Forward, it also gains Haste, First Strike and Brave until the end of the turn.” His auto ability is massive when playing a Category VIII deck. Since most Category VIII Forwards are in Ice, let’s look at how we can build a Fire/Ice deck that takes advantage of Kiros.

One card that quickly comes to mind is Squall [1-041L]. Squall is a 3 CP Ice Forward with 6000 power from Category VIII. When Squall blocks or is blocked, choose 1 Forward. You may deal it 6000 damage. He also has a special ability, Renzokuken, which costs 1 Ice CP that reads: “Squall gains First Strike until the end of the turn.” Kiros allowing you to immediately attack with Squall at 8000 power, First Strike and Brave, and his ability making it near impossible to block Squall without losing a Forward, the pair essentially takes out a Forward of up to 14000 power, or gets 1 point of damage in. Since Squall was Brave for the turn, he’ll also be available to block on the next turn, and he’s just as dangerous on the defense. Keep in mind, you’ll need to have Renzokuken handy while blocking if you want Squall to stay alive, assuming he’s blocking something with more than 6000 power.

If we’re running Squall, Laguna shouldn’t be far behind. Laguna [1-059R] is probably the best option, as a 4 CP Ice Forward with 7000 power and also from Category VIII. He has an EX Burst auto ability which reads, “When Laguna enters the field, choose 1 Forward opponent controls. Dull it. If you control Card Name Squall, Freeze this forward also.” Also, if you control Card Name Squall, Laguna gains +2000 power. So with Squall on the field, we’re playing a 9000 power Forward and dulls and freezes an enemy Forward. We’ll want to use Laguna to take out characters out of reach from Squall’s ability, leaving smaller Forwards active since they shouldn’t pose a threat.

For Forwards, Rinoa [2-047L] is probably one of the strongest from Category VIII. She’s a 3 CP Forward with 7000 power, and she gains +1000 power for each other Category VIII Forward. When Rinoa is put from the field into the Break Zone, dull all the Forwards opponent controls. Just like with Squall, you can attack hard using Rinoa when Kiros is played, and likely be unblocked as she’ll be a 10,000 power forward with First Strike. Since she’s Brave, she’ll be available to block if you need to use her ability to dull all the opposing Forwards. She also has a special ability, Wishing Star, that costs 1 Ice CP and dull Rinoa, allowing you to Dull and Freeze 1 Forward and 1 Backup. While this ability usually doesn’t come into play with Rinoa, the fact that Kiros can give her Brave means there will be more chances to attack and then use Wishing Star while attacking, taking away a Forward who could have potentially blocked Rinoa.

So now that we know some Forwards we’ll want to power up with Kiros, let’s look at some ways we can really utilize his auto ability. Time Mage [3-043C] is one that could be a bit costly at times, but could have a lot of use in the deck as well. Time Mage is a 2 CP Ice Backup with an action ability that costs 3 Ice CP, dull Time Mage and put Time into the Break Zone, to Choose 1 Forward you control. Remove it from the game. Then play the removed Forward onto the field dull. Not only can Time Mage be used to save a Forward from your opponent’s removal abilities, but you can use it to replay auto abilities like Kiros while they’re on the field. This kind of effect could be really useful if we include a lot of other cards with enter the field auto abilities.

A more traditional Ice Backup that shows up pretty regularly in decks is Devout [1-048C]. Devout is a 4 CP Ice Backup with an action ability that requires you to dull Devout and put it into the Break Zone in order to Choose 1 Forward of cost 4 or less from your Break Zone, and play it onto the field. Note, you can only use this ability during your turn. With Kiros, Devout actually can become a combat trick while we’re on the attack. Again, since we’re likely sticking with Category VIII Forwards, Devout essentially can give +2000, Haste, Brave and First Strike to any of your Forwards so long as Kiros is in your Break Zone (and not on the field). Incidentally, this also makes killing Kiros a threat to your opponent, since Kiros leaving your field makes your Devout much stronger, so you could even potentially attack with Kiros unharmed as it would be worse for your opponent to allow you to power up your Devout.

By that same token, a summon like Phoenix [5-019L], or even Phoenix [3-020H], becomes even stronger. Phoenix [5-019L] is a 7 CP Fire Summon that reads, “Choose 1 Forward of cost 3 or less in your Break Zone and up to 1 Forward opponent controls. Play the former onto the field dull, and deal the latter 8000 damage.” With Kiros, you’re also giving one of your Category VIII Forwards +2000 power, Brave, First Strike and Haste, which is a massive swing for a Summon. While the 4 CP Phoenix [3-020H] still works with Kiros, Phoenix [5-019L] has more options with the other Forwards we’ve already named, and we can try to include more 3 CP or less Forwards with strong enter the field auto abilities.

So what do you think? Not bad for a Common, right? Are you excited for Kiros? Hey… if Kiros buffs FINAL FANTASY VIII characters… what other FINAL FANTASY VIII characters do you think might show up in Opus VI? Let us know in the comments at facebook.com/FinalFantasyTCG!

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