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2018-06-13 23:30:01

Hello everyone, this is Tarou Kageyama, FFTCG chief producer. This is my second appearance in the Opus VI previews and it’s great to be back. For this edition, I would like to introduce Leo, the protagonist of FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES: My Life as a King.

By the way, have you all played the original game? It was a digital only title that was released for Wii and WiiU via WiiWare. It barely includes any traditional RPG elements, and Leo, the protagonist, as well as the other main characters don’t engage in battle with enemies. Instead, adventurers hired via taxes are the ones that battle enemies, and Leo (the player) waits for them to produce great results. As for Leo, his role is to expand his kingdom, develop residences, shops, schools, among other facilities, and provide adventurers support in completing dungeons. In general, the player progresses the story, but this game allows you to place buildings as desired, so it’s also exciting to be able to create a kingdom to your liking. It’s a bit unconventional as a FINAL FANTASY game, but without a doubt, it’s a fun title, so please try playing if there’s ever an opportunity to do so.

Now, let’s leave the introduction at this and take a look at how Leo is interpreted in FFTCG.

Leo [6-084L] is a 1 CP card with 1000 power; both these values are the lowest you’ll see in the game. That said, within this little king lies two formidable powers.

His first ability reads “for each Character other than Leo you control, Leo gains +1000 power.” One thing that shouldn’t be mistaken, is that this isn’t limited to “each Forward.” This is for “each Character.” This entails Forwards, Backups, and even Monsters, so Leo will instantly gain massive power. Let’s think about this – if there are 5 Backups on the field, that immediately gives you 6000 power, even though he only costs 1CP. Consider other Forwards and Monsters in play – this essentially means that it wouldn’t be a rare sight to see his power exceed 10,000.

His other ability reads “Backups you control can produce CP of any Element.” At a glance, this may look modest, but in actuality, this can turn into something incredible. There are only a few Backups that can generate CP of any element. Therefore, an ability that enables you the power to do so for all Backups is extremely rare in itself. As long as you have Leo (as well as Backups), you won’t have to contemplate over not having a required element anymore, and more than ever, it enables you to enjoy compiling a deck with various elements.

If the first ability helps dominate your opponent, the second ability would be the one that helps you expand your strategy. Imagine the kingdom gaining power to defeat formidable enemies with the assistance of his people for the first ability, and various things becoming possible by developing the kingdom with the king’s powers for the second ability.

Now that we know his abilities, I’d like to introduce some cards that may be a good match to include in a deck with Leo [6-084L]. I think the key point will essentially be the number of characters you can put into play. For example, how about Golbez [1-135L]. If this card is placed in the break zone, you have the ability to search up to 4 Forwards of cost 2 or less, each of a different element and play them onto the field. In other words, since Golbez will be removed from the field, Leo can gain +3000 power by Golbez falling into the break zone. That said, even if you haven’t pulled Golbez, with Leo’s second ability, you could still put into play a cost 2 Forward without it being much of strain.

Perhaps including Leo in a deck that largely consists of Monsters isn’t a bad idea either. Monsters are difficult to break, so they will potentially endure longer on the field. Furthermore, even if many Monsters are in play, they are less likely to be affected by abilities that sweep the field, i.e., Shantotto [1-107L] and similar cards, so you can keep on sending cards without worrying too much about the opponent having these in their hand.

But, this essentially means that it also increases the possibility that the card will be removed from the field, so Monsters that can become a Forward, such as Calbrena [5-079] or Bangaa Thief [4-088C] are also recommended. Playing these Monsters, and then Shantotto [1-107L], followed by Leo who costs a mere 1 CP, shouldn’t be too stressful. Normally, 1 CP Forwards do not come with massive power, but you should be able to expect around 7000 power from Leo. Sweeping your opponent’s field with Shantotto, and attacking with Leo and Monsters while the opponent is unable to recover will most likely become one way to secure a sure win.

I feel that Leo is also a card that will thrive, even if it’s just simply thrown into a deck, but perhaps a new type of deck will be born if we consider building decks around Leo. We’d love for you to give it a try!



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