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2018-05-17 10:00:00

Hey everyone! RB here, and we’re back with more Card of the Week articles, now showing off cards coming up in Opus VI! When I first saw this card, I was so excited as it’s my favorite version of one of my all-time favorite FINAL FANTASY characters, and she’s Legend rarity to boot! That’s right, we’re kicking off Opus VI previews with your first Water Legend, Yuna [6-124L]!

This iteration of Yuna is based on her appearance as the Job “Gunner” in FINAL FANTASY X-2. Alongside Rikku and Paine, she forms the Gullwings, a group of globetrotting “Sphere Hunters.” As I’ve talked about in the article about Paine [1-199S], they each have their own motives, but learn that they’re strongest as a team. In this. Yuna has seemingly lost her ability to Summon, and instead relies on her friends to support her. Learning how to move on is a big part of Yuna’s journey in FINAL FANTASY X-2, and it’s just as much a part of her newest card in FFTCG.

Let’s take a look!

Yuna [6-124L] is a 6 CP Water Forward with 8000 power and the Job “Gullwings” from category X. She has an auto ability which reads: “When Yuna enters the field, play 1 Job Gullwings Forward from your hand onto the field or search for 1 Job Gullwings Forward other than Card Name Yuna and add it to your hand.” She also has an action ability which costs 1 CP, and remove 3 Summons in the Break Zone from the game, in order to “Choose 1 Job Gullwings Forward. Activate it. It gains +1000 power until the end of the turn.”

This new Yuna really plays into the theme of assembling a team, and getting YRP into position. Even her action ability deals with moving on without Summons and instead relying on her friends, having you literally remove your Summons from the game to make the Gullwings stronger. The fact that you can use her to either search for Rikku or Paine, or play one of them for free from your hand, makes her a very versatile card in the popular Wind/Water “YRP” theme. Let’s take a look at some of the Forwards you might include with Yuna.

Rikku [1-201S] is one of the first choices that comes to mind for a Gullwings Forward. She is a 4 CP Wind Forward with 6000 power that reads, “If you control Card Name Yuna, Rikku gains +2000 power and Rikku cannot be chosen by Summons. If you control Card Name Paine, Rikku gains +2000 power and Rikku cannot be chosen by abilities.” This would be best played with Yuna’s ability to play a Gullwings Forward for free, as Rikku will be at least an 8000 power Forward that cannot be chosen by Summons, since Yuna is already in play. With Paine in play, she’ll go up to 10,000 power and unable to be chosen by abilities as well. As you can’t play YRP without Paine, let’s look at an option outside of Paine [1-199S], which was the subject of a Card of the Week article last year.

Paine [2-063R] is a 3 CP Wind Forward with 3000 power and also has the Job Gullwings. She has an EX Burst auto ability which reads, “When Paine enters the field, you may search for 1 Card Name Yuna or 1 Card Name Rikku and add it to your hand.” You can either use her to search for Yuna, and in turn search for Rikku, or you can play her with Yuna’s ability to search for Rikku. Either way, this version of Paine quickly assembles the team together when combined with Opus VI Yuna.

The last Forward I wanted to suggest isn’t a Gullwing, but still comes from FINAL FANTASY X-2, so she’s a perfect fit: Lenne [2-142R]. Lenne is a 3 CP Water Forward with 7000 power that reads, “When Lenne forms a party with Card Name Yuna and attacks, you may search for 1 Summon and cast it without paying the cost. If you do not cast it, put this Summon into the Break Zone. If you cast a Summon of cost 5 or more with this ability, put Lenne into the Break Zone.” Having Lenne to form a party with Yuna whenever she attacks allows you to fill up your Break Zone with Summons for Yuna’s action ability. For the purposes of this deck, it might be best to not include many Summons over 5 CP, since you’ll want to play a lot of Summons. Let’s look at some low cost Summons that would work well.

Like I’ve said in the past, Valefor [1-198S] is my favorite Summon card in FFTCG, so I might be a little biased when suggesting it… but it’s great with the Gullwings. Valefor is a 2 CP Wind Summon with EX Burst that reads, “Deal 3000 damage to all the Forwards opponent controls. If you control Card Name Yuna, activate all the Backups you control.” Paine [2-063R] is a very low power Forward, but combined with Valefor, you can end up taking out Forwards twice her size. On top of that, activating all of your Backups is great in a pinch, and will ready them to use with Yuna [6-124L]’s action ability. If I’m using Yuna, Valefor is never too far behind, and I’d definitely suggest considering her in your Yuna decks as well.

Bismarck [5-133H] is another great choice for a cheap Summon as a 2 CP Water Summon. It reads “Select 1 of the 3 following actions, “Choose 1 Monster. Return it to its owner’s hand.” “Choose 1 Character you control. Return it to its owner’s hand.” “Choose 1 Forward. Halve its power until the end of the turn (round down to the nearest 1000).”” Like I mentioned with Valefor, Bismarck allows your lower powered Forwards to take out bigger threats, but that’s not the only reason I’d suggest it with YRP. Being able to clear a Monster off the field is invaluable with how much bigger of a presence Monsters are becoming, it’s nice to always have that as an option. Also, returning one of your own Characters to your hand is great for rescuing your characters from removal, but also reusing an auto ability you’ve already used. Since it’s any Character, not just Forward, it can be great for reusing a Backup like Brother [1-197S] to search out your category X Forwards.

Lastly, I’d like to mention PuPu [4-128C]. PuPu is a 1 CP Water Summon with EX Burst that reads, “Discard 1 card. Then, draw 2 cards.” The best time to use this little guy is when it’s the only card remaining in your hand, to discard nothing and then draw 2 cards. However, if you already have 1 Summon in your Break Zone, you could use PuPu to discard a 2nd Summon to get to the three Summons required for Yuna’s action ability. While it’s not ideal to discard your Summons without playing them, having extra options available is always helpful in a match.

So what do you think? Are you excited for more Yuna in Opus VI? Are the gears already turning in your head for your own Gullwings deck? What are some other characters you’re hoping to see in Opus VI? Well there are plenty of more reveals to come, so let us know who else you’re hoping to see in Opus VI on our official Facebook page at facebook.com/FinalFantasyTCG!

Until next time!




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