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2018-03-14 19:58:42

Hi everyone, RB here with the final Opus V Card of the Week Preview before the Pre-Release this weekend! Last week’s hint was a little tricky, the character appeared in FINAL FANTASY TACTICS A2, and is from the same city as Hurdy. You may have thought I was referring to another character from the FFTA2 category, but I was actually talking about FINAL FANTASY XII’s Vaan, who was an unlockable party member in FFTA2! This week’s FFTCG Card of the Week is Vaan [5-145L].

Vaan is the main protagonist of FINAL FANTASY XII. He also appears in other games set in the world of Ivalice, as well as the DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY series where this version of Vaan comes from. In the DISSIDIA series, he can come off a bit childish or carefree, as he tends to only talk about wanting to get home and live the life of a Sky Pirate on an airship, so the other characters often dismiss him as indifferent. That said, he is quick to help anyone in need. He has a number of magical abilities at his disposal, and can think on his feet when he needs to defend himself or others. He prefers to not have to fight, and will avoid hurting others whenever he can.

Let’s take a look at the new card!

Vaan [5-145L] is a 5 CP Light Forward with 8000 power from categories DFF and XII, and the Job “Sky Pirate.” He has an ability which reads, “When Vaan attacks, select up to 2 of the 5 following actions, “Draw 1 card.” “Choose 1 Backup. Activate it.” “Choose 1 Forward. Dull it.” “Choose 1 Forward. It gains +2000 power until the end of the turn.” “Choose 1 Forward. It cannot block this turn.”” So Vaan’s ability when he attacks can change depending on what you need it to be at the time! Not only does each action represent previous versions of Vaan in FFTCG, but they’re also facets of his personality when you really look at them! He’s resourceful, he helps others in need, and he hates direct confrontation.

While being able to draw a card, activate a backup, or give a Forward +2000 power until end of turn are all great actions… his other two actions, in conjunction with each other, make him a very powerful card. Being able to dull 1 Forward, and not allow another Forward to block this turn, removes two potential blockers when Vaan goes in for an attack. He gets to his goal without having to fight anyone!

An obvious Backup to play with Vaan is Gramis [2-106R]. He’s a 3 Lightning Backup that reads, “When Gramis enters the field, you may search for 1 Category XII Forward and add it to your hand.” It’s pretty straightforward: play Gramis, search for Vaan. While this does mean you’re getting a hold of Vaan as soon as possible, it also means we’re deciding on at least playing Lightning.

Of course, whenever anyone mentions Lightning cards being played, Al-Cid [2-097H] is never too far behind. Al-Cid is a 4 CP Lightning Forward with 6000 power and from category XII. He has an auto ability which reads, “When Al-Cid enters the field, choose 1 active Forward opponent controls. You may play 1 Lightning Forward of cost 3 or less from your hand onto the field. If you do so, deal it 6000 damage.” So, you get to play an additional Forward onto the field and zap one of your opponent’s Forwards for 6000 damage. It’s no wonder this is a popular card! It doesn’t hurt that he’s also category XII, meaning you could search for him with Gramis as well. A popular Forward to use with Al-Cid’s ability is Onion Knight [1-125R], which, when it enters the field, deals 5000 damage to 1 damaged Forward. That’s 11,000 damage and two Forwards with a 4 CP card!

Now, you could play Mono-Lightning, but Vaan is at home in the Wind Element, and since we’re already talking about playing the Sage version of Onion Knight, Onion Knight [4-054L] is another great option. At 4 CP and 7000 power, this Wind Forward has three abilities that can all be of use to you in a Wind/Lightning deck. “When Onion Knight enters the field or attacks, choose 1 Forward. Deal it 3000 damage. When Onion Knight enters the field, choose 1 Card Name Onion Knight of any Element except Wind in your Break Zone. Add it to your hand.” As you can see he plays a lot with his Sage counterpart, and his Job Change special ability goes one step further, “Place Onion Knight at the bottom of your deck. If you do so, search for 1 Card Name Onion Knight Job Sage and play it onto the field.” So you can attack with Onion Knight, deal 3000 damage to an opposing Forward, and then use his special ability, if he’s in danger, to replace him with the Sage Onion Knight, dealing a total of 8000 damage to the Forward damaged by the previous Onion Knight’s ability!

Between Al-Cid and these two Onion Knights, we have plenty of ways to keep our opponent’s side of the board from going too wide, giving Vaan plenty of opportunities to prevent opposing blockers. We’ll need to round out our Forwards with Forwards who can come out and attack quick, and what better than other characters from the world of Ivalice?

Well, Vaan did appear in FFTA2, so he should feel right at home with Adelle, Illua, and Luso! Adelle [5-050H] is a 3 CP Wind Forward with 5000 power, Haste, and an action ability that costs 1 Wind CP reading: “Adelle cannot be blocked this turn.” Because of her haste and unblockable status, Adelle can, in most cases swing in for a deciding point of damage. In this deck, it’s great to use her to catch your opponent off guard when they dedicate everything to stopping your Vaan from taking out all of their blockers. Play Adelle, and they’ll have wasted resources as she starts swinging in for damage that can’t be stopped.

Illua [5-099H] may not be unblockable, but she’s just as deadly. Illua is a 3 CP Lightning Forward with 6000 power and Haste. During each turn, when Illua is chosen by your opponent’s Summon or ability for the first time in that turn, cancel its effect. While your opponent may be able to deal with Adelle if they have a removal Summon, Illua can exploit the opening made by Vaan and there may be nothing your opponent can do to stop her. She also has a special ability, Sheol, which reads: “Activate all the Forwards you control. They gain Haste until the end of the turn. All the Forwards opponent controls lose 2000 power until the end of the turn.” Illua was already dangerous, but she can even use Shoal to give a newly played Vaan Haste. What’s even scarier, is playing Al-Cid, into Onion Knight, into Shoal, meaning that a Forward would need 14,000 power to survive, and Al-Cid and Onion Knight can both attack immediately!

To help get these FFTA2 powerhouses into your hand quicker, you’ll want to include Luso [5-069H]. Luso is a 4 CP Wind Forward with 7000 power who has an ability that reads, “When Luso enters the field, reveal the top 5 cards of your deck. Add 1 category FFTA2 card among them to your hand and return the other cards to the bottom of your deck in any order.” You can also pay 1 Wind CP to give Luso First Strike until the end of the turn. If using Vaan’s +2000 power, Luso becomes a 9000, and a 9000 power First Strike Forward is nothing to scoff at. He even works well with Onion Knight [4-054L]’s ability to deal 3000 damage to an opposing Forward. An enemy blocker would need 11,000 power to survive, any less and Luso would break it while receiving no damage back!

That’s just one deck Vaan could work well in, there are plenty of combinations I’m sure players will come up with after the Opus V pre-releases this weekend. Since he’s a Light Forward, the possibilities are really endless. What’s a deck you’d like to run Vaan in? Let us know in the comments at facebook.com/FinalFantasyTCG!

That’s it for the Opus V Card of the Week Previews! I hope you enjoy the Pre-Releases this weekend, and check out fftradingcardgame.com to find participating stores. Opus V looks to open the door to a lot of new and interesting decks, and I’m excited to see what you all come up with as the Championship Series starts up soon.

Until next time!




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