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2018-03-08 10:00:00

Hey, everyone! If it wasn’t obvious from last week’s hint, this week’s reveal is a Moogle! Not just any Moogle, though, it’s Hurdy [5-043R]!

Hurdy first appeared in FINAL FANTASY XII as one of the Moogles who run a transportation service. While only having a minor role, he later became a main character in FINAL FANTASY TACTICS A2, being the only party member with the Bard class. Montblanc, Marche’s Moogle companion from FINAL FANTASY TACTICS ADVANCE, is Hurdy’s older brother. Montblanc appears in the sequel through a side quest where Hurdy can recruit Montblanc to your clan.

Let’s take a look at the card!

Hurdy [5-043R] is a 4 CP Ice Backup with the Job Moogle and Category FFTA2. His ability reads, “When Hurdy enters the field, you may search for 1 Card Name Montblanc and add it to your hand.” Okay, pretty straightforward card when it comes to the lore. You recruit Montblanc using Hurdy. A nice touch, though, is the fact that Hurdy is Ice Element. While you may already know the Category XII version of Hurdy as an Ice Element card. However, if you’ve paid attention to which Jobs tend to be unique to an Element, Bards have tended to find their place in Ice. As I mentioned in the lore, Hurdy is FFTA2’s sole Bard… isn’t it cool how sometimes things just line up perfectly like that in FFTCG?

Let’s look at some cards you’d use in a deck alongside Hurdy!

Since Hurdy’s ability is straightforward, “search for Montblanc,” let’s look first at the two versions of Montblanc you could utilize. Montblanc [2-021C] is a 2 CP Fire Backup with an Action Ability that reads “Two Fire CP and Dull: Choose 1 Forward. Deal it 1000 damage for each Job Moogle you control.” With Hurdy and Montblanc together, this will do at least 2000 damage, but it could become even more if you follow a theme of playing lots of Moogles.

Montblanc [4-022R], on the other hand, doesn’t require you to go too heavily into the Moogle strategy. It’s a 4 CP Fire Backup with an EX Burst ability that reads, “When Montblanc enters the field, you may search for 1 Card Name Marche and add it to your hand.” With Hurdy, you can make a chain to Marche through Montblanc. Montblanc also has an Action Ability that reads, “One Fire CP and Dull: Choose 1 Forward. Deal it 2000 damage. You can only use this ability if you control Card Name Marche.” The action ability is similar to his Opus II counterpart, however it won’t pass 2000 damage, and you need Marche in play, making it not a reliable ability.

While Marche can be effective in the right deck, I’d like to focus more on Moogles for the purposes of this article, and I think Serah [5-152S], from the upcoming FINAL FANTASY XIII 2018 Starter Set, is a perfect fit alongside Hurdy. Serah is a 5 CP Ice Forward with 7000 power. She has an EX Burst ability that reads, “When Serah enters the field, you may search for 1 Job Moogle and add it to your hand.” Between Serah and Hurdy, you’ll have a lot of searching potential for a Moogle deck. She has two more Moogle related abilities! When Serah attacks, activate all the Job Moogle you control. Since Moogles are primarily Backups, attacking with Serah creates a lot of bonus CP, as well as letting you reuse abilities like Montblanc’s. Lastly, she has an action ability that reads, “Discard 1 Job Moogle: Choose 1 Forward. Dull it.” So you can use any extra Moogles you don’t play to prevent opposing Forwards from Attacking or Blocking. Serah is like the queen of the moogles!

Since it seems pretty obvious that you won’t play Hurdy without Serah, let’s take a look at some cards that work well with Serah!

Mog (XIII-2) [1-196S] is another obvious choice, as a 3 CP Ice Backup that searches for a Category XIII Forward, allowing you to search out Serah. This chain extends pretty far. You can search for Serah with Mog (XIII-2), search for Hurdy with Serah, and then search for Montblanc with Hurdy, and then search for Marche if you’re using the 4 CP Montblanc, all while staying within only two elements!

If you don’t mind jumping into other elements, another choice might be Mog (VI) [4-140H]. While this Moogle is a Forward, and a fairly weak one at 4000 power for 3 CP, its Action Ability combos with Serah nicely. You can dull Mog (VI) to draw 1 card. If you Attack with Serah, she activates all Moogles, allowing you to draw a second card. Mog also has a field ability, “If you control 2 or more Category VI Forwards other than Mog (VI), Mog (VI) cannot be chosen by your opponent’s Summons or abilities.” Category VI Forwards are spread across Ice, Fire, and Water, so based on the Elements we’re already looking at, this isn’t a bad option at all.

Aside from Montblanc, there are Moogles in every color that get stronger with the number of Moogles you control. In Lightning, Gurdy [2-102C] has one of the stronger Moogle abilities. “2 Lightning CP and Dull: Choose 1 active Forward opponent controls. Until the end of the turn, it loses 1000 power for each Job Moogle you control.” While any of them are effective with Serah, I like this one in particular since power reduction is incredibly versatile when trying to remove opposing Forwards. After playing Hurdy, you should have three Moogles (including Montblanc and Gurdy), making Gurdy’s ability reduce by 3000 power. With Serah’s attack, you can reduce another Forward’s power by 3000, or even choose the same one for a total of 6000 power reduction. Hurdy and Serah gather moogles quickly, so it’s worth thinking about each of these Category XII Moogles when you start to construct your own Moogle deck.

What do you think? Are you prepared to make your own Moogle deck with Hurdy and Serah? Which is your favorite Moogle? Let us know in the comments at facebook.com/FinalFantasyTCG!

Here’s your hint for the final Opus V Card of the Week: It’s another character who appears in FINAL FANTASY TACTICS A2, and hails from the same city as Hurdy!

See you next week!




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