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2018-02-22 05:57:51

Hey, everyone! We’re back with another Opus V Card of the Week. This week we’re looking at a character that existed in the Chapters series, but should be right at home in Opus series. From the world of FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0, it’s Vermilion Bird l’Cie Caetuna [5-012H].

Lady Caetuna, who appears in FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0, as well as spin-off title FINAL FANTASY AGITO, is the oldest living l’Cie in Orience (the world that FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 takes place in). There are records of her fighting in a war over 500 years before the events of the game. It’s rumored that she’s so skilled at summoning, she can call on any Eidolon and control an entire army of them at the same time. As a l’Cie, she is also capable of summoning a Verboten Eidolon, an immensely powerful Eidolon that requires the l’Cie, along with supporting sorcerers, to sacrifice themselves in order to call upon its power. Once called upon, a Verboten Eidolon is capable of wiping out entire armies with ease.

Let’s take a look at her card!

Vemillion Bird l’Cie Caetuna is a 4 CP Fire Backup with EX Burst. Now, I like to make a point of how thematic the cards in FFTCG are, and this one really nails it. Caetuna’s abilities show off her powers in FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 beautifully. As she’s an expert at summoning any eidolon from the world of Orience, when she enters the field, she searches for any Summon from Category Type-0! It’s an EX Burst, as well, so she’s an incredibly valuable card for a Type-0 deck. Her special ability, Verboten Eidolon, costs 2 fire CP, dull Caetuna, and put 5 Backups into the Break Zone, to break ALL opposing Forwards. Just like in TYPE-0, she’ll have to sacrifice herself along with the rest of your Backup line, but she’ll wipe out your opponent’s entire field in the process. This makes her an amazing board wipe when you want to go in for the kill. Just make sure you can end the game after using her ability, so that her sacrifice won’t be in vain.

There are three summons with category Type-0 that you can search for with Caetuna. The first is Ifrit [3-002R]. At 4 CP, this Fire Summon from Type-0 has EX Burst, with an effect that reads “Choose 1 Forward. Deal it 7000 damage. If you control a Job Class Zero Cadet Forward, deal it 8000 damage instead.” This summon isn’t incredibly powerful, but would mostly be used for its EX Burst. It shares an element with Caetuna, though, so it’s likely going into a deck featuring her.

Diablos [3-061R] is a 3 CP Wind Summon that also has EX Burst. Its effect reads, “Choose 1 Forward. Deal it 1000 damage for each Character you control. If you control a Job Class Zero Cadet Forward, select up to 3 Backups you control. Activate them.” Diablos essentially pays for itself if you use 3 Backups to pay its cost. Early game, this is a fairly weak summon, but you should already be building your deck around quickly getting as many characters out as you can for Caetuna’s Special Ability.

Odin [3-102R] is a 4 CP Lightning Summon, but, unlike its other Type-0 counterparts, it has no EX Burst. It reads, “Choose 1 Forward. If it has 7000 power or less, break it. If you control a Job Class Zero Cadet Forward, break it regardless of its power instead.” This is probably my favorite Summon to pair with Caetuna, since you’re searching your deck for straight removal (provided you have a Class Zero Cadet in play). I also like prioritizing cards without EX Burst to search for, since you want to leave EX Burst cards in your deck in case you get hit. Every non-EX Burst card drawn from your deck increases the odds that when you take damage, it will be an EX Burst.

Now let’s talk about the line of Backups who will be ready to give their lives for the Verboten Eidolon. You’ll get the most value out of Backups that have effects when they enter the field or leave the field, since you won’t want Verboten Eidolon to remove any buffs you might be needing. Also, it’s clear from your choices in Summons that you’ll want to be playing Class Zero Cadet Forwards, so two great options (whether you’re running dual color or three-color Cadets) are Arecia Al-Rashia [3-097R] and Rem [3-072R].

Arecia Al-Rashia is a 3 CP Lightning Backup that reads, “When Arecia Al-Rashia enters the field, you may search for 1 Category Type-0 Forward and add it to your hand.” This card is invaluable with Caetuna for the sheer purpose of making your Summons stronger.

Rem is a 4 CP Wind Backup has an EX Burst ability that reads, “When Rem enters the field, choose 1 Category Type-0 card from your Break Zone. Add it to your hand.” Note that it’s any Type-0 “card” and not just character. You can play Rem after one of the Summons you searched for with Caetuna to get that Summon back and play it again. As you’re sure to have a lot of Category Type-0 cards in your deck, Rem can return most cards you would play alongside Caetuna.

Lastly, a Backup that isn’t quite so tied to Type-0, but goes perfectly with Caetuna, is Fusoya [2-116R]. Fusoya is a 3 CP Lightning Backup that reads, “When Fusoya enters the field, choose 1 Forward opponent controls. Deal it 5000 damage. When Fusoya is put from the field into the Break Zone, choose 1 Forward from your Break Zone. Add it to your hand.” Fusoya’s ability when he enters the field is a great way to pick off a low power Forward, or finish off one you’ve already dealt damage to. After using Verboten Eidolon, Fusoya’s second ability will trigger, allowing you to take back a Forward either to use a Special Ability like Seven’s Snakebite, or even putting a Forward with Haste into play to push for the win.

This all really just scratches the surface of Caetuna, and it’ll be great to see how other players utilize her. Does Caetuna bring some excitement for Type-0 players? Are there any tricks or strategies you can think of? Let us know in the comments at facebook.com/FinalFantasyTCG!

Here’s your hint for the next Opus V Preview: this fan favorite character has appeared in over 20 titles!

See you next time!




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