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Novità 2020-10-03 18:00:00

Announcing Opus XI Reunion

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Hello FFTCG community!

Tabletop Gaming is in a tough spot when it’s difficult to come together. While this hasn’t changed just yet, we did want to announce the start of a free promotion for Local Game Stores to bring some excitement back as we head into new products returning.

In celebration of reuniting with your local game store and the current FFTCG set, we’re offering Opus XI Reunion Kits!
Keeping in theme with Opus XI’s focus on FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, these kits will feature a Full Art Aerith [11-139S] Promo card, as well as a playmat featuring the main cast of the game.

Each Kit Contains:

  • 1 Opus XI Reunion Playmat
  • 4 Premium Foil Opus XI Reunion Full Art Aerith Promo Cards
  • 16 Standard Opus XI Reunion Full Art Aerith Promo Cards

These items are not for sale and could be used through a local a raffle or as prizing for a tournament (for example an online Webcam tournament), we hope this can help stores find fun and safe ways to welcome their customers back. Please keep any activites planned in line with your government's health and safety guidelines and regulations.

This free promotion will only be available while supplies last, so check with your local FFTCG retailer.