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2019-02-26 00:52:46

As mentioned on the FINAL FANTASY Portal App, we have an errata for the English text for Sherlotta 8-053H.

Her printed text can be seen on the image below:

However, the way this card's English text is written does not match the intended design of the card as it's written in Japanese. The card will receive an errata with the following text:

“You may put Sherlotta into the Break Zone to produce 1 CP of any Element in order to pay a CP cost. (This can be in addition to dulling Sherlotta for CP.)”

This means that Sherlotta can be put into the Break Zone from the field at any time to pay a CP cost! Want to play a 1 CP card of any Element? Just put Sherlotta into the Break Zone, nothing else required! If you're short 1 CP, or don't have the element you need to play a card, you can put Sherlotta into the Break Zone to play it.

Not only that, but she's a Field Ability, so no need to worry about characters who prevent Action Abilities. This said, you must have a CP cost to pay to be able to break her, you cannot arbitrarily put Sherlotta into the Break Zone just to clear a Backup slot.

With a correct understanding of the way she's intended to work, Sherlotta is an incredibly versatile card and will be sure to find a home in most Wind decks. We apologize for the error on this card's printed text, and should this card be reprinted in the future, we'll be sure to replace it with the errata text.

For up to date card Errata information, please check out our rules section: https://fftcg.square-enix-games.com/na/page/errata



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