FFTCG Spring Cup Paris - Day 2 Activity Breakdown > News
2018-04-28 20:41:15

Doors will open at 9.15am and you will have the choice between different activities, each of which will earn you special FFTCG Stamps! Collect 3 stamps to complete 1 full Spring Cup card and an extra chance to get your name drawn in the incredible Sunday raffle!

Here is a brief summary of the activites and FFTCG stamp allocation. For more information regarding the special format rules & tournament/activity prizing, please visit http://fftcg.fr/page/spring-cup-paris/ (French translation available.)

Stamp allocation

Spring Cup Tournament top 8 – Single Elimination BO3

Min-Max Ratio

Losers of quarter finals have 1 card + 1 stamp

Losers of semi-final have 2 cards

Loser of final have 2 cards + 2 stamps

Winner has 4 cards.

New format! Onion Knights Parade – Up to 7 Swiss rounds BO1 - Registration starts at 9.30

Free entry - Up to 80 players

Min-Max Ratio

With a max of 80 players:

Loser of 7 rounds: 2 cards and 2 stamps

Winner of 7 rounds: 5 cards

New format! Promo Draft – 3 Swiss rounds BO1 - Registration starts at 9.30

10€ entry fee - Up to 32 players (4 pods of 8)

+ extra prizing for the winner of each pod of 8!

Min-Max Ratio

Losers of 3 rounds have 1 card and 2 stamps

Winner of all gets 3 cards and 2 stamps

Chocobo Dungeon and Monsters - Running all day!

Free entry - Up to 16 players (4 pods of 4) - Winner of each table compete in the ultimate face-off!

+ Extra prizing for table winners and tournament winners!

Min-Max Ratio

Losers of each table have 2 stamps

Winner of tournament have 2 cards

New! FF TCG Quizz - 3 sessions at 1pm / 2.30pm / 4pm (times subject to change)

Free entry - Up to 20 people - 10 Questions per quizz

Min-Max Ratio

No correct answer have 1 stamp

10 correct answers have 3 cards and 2 stamps

In addition and if you are interested in becoming a Judge for FFTCG, you will be able to take our Level 1 test at the event while we are working on the reveal of Lv2 and introduction of our Judge program!

Couldn't make it to the event? Tune into https://www.twitch.tv/squareenix from 10.30 GMT+2 to witness the crowning of our first ever Spring Champion!



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