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2019-01-18 11:39:36

I will lead you all with my power! I will end the battle before us!

Ice Crystal Cup - Germany

It's finally time to reveal the first Crystal Cup. We are partnering up with fftcg.org to present you the Ice Crystal Cup - What do you need to know?


Townhouse Düsseldorf
Bilker Straße 36
40213 Düsseldorf

The Event will be hold in the Townhouse Düsseldorf and the location offers a Hotel with good rates as well:

Date and Time:

The Event will be hosted on the 9th and 10th March. This is the weekend after the famous German carnival in Düsseldorf and Cologne (28th February to 5th of March). But the event itself won't be affected by this ;-)
Doors will open at 10:00 AM and the Tournament will start at 11:00 AM.


This is event is limited to 200 Players and the Tickets can be brought here:



This year will bring something new to the competitive structure - the limited Format - Draft!

Day 1: Constructed Swiss-Rounds based on the number on Participants. (Best-of-One)

Day 2: Top 32 Draft (Best-of-One) followed by a Top 8-Cut (Best-of-Three) in Constructed again

The Points from Day 1 will be carried into the Draft-Rating - you will Draft in Tables of 8 Players, but you can face all Players.
What is different in Competitive-Draft?

Edit: You will play 4 Rounds of Draft on Day 2 and the Points will be combined with the Points from Day 1 to determinate the Top 8 which will play best-of-three constructed with the decks they used on Day 1!

Edit 2: Clarification: To give a little bit more background on the whole Draft-Situation:

Prizes and Side-Events:

We will announce all Side-Events and the Prizes soon.
The Winner will receive his Slot at this year's World Championship in USA with his flight and accommodation sorted by us.
The whole Top 4 will also qualify for this year's European Championship
Every Participant will receive a unique Participation item and there will be more special prizes for sure.

Good to know: The venue will open on Friday for some Open-Play session already. :)

See you all in Germany!

I guess there's no avoiding this.
No time to be careless. ​



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