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Clarification for Opus XII Lani and Krile Errata

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Hello everyone. FFTCG Producer Tarou Kageyama here. I am writing this because we need to issue an errata for Lani [12-018H] and Krile [12-061L] from “Opus XII: Crystal Awakening,” and I would like to explain the details.

At first glance, you might not think of these cards as having any issues. Indeed, if we just think about these cards individually, there are no particular issues. But only when certain other cards come into play, that is when the problems occur.

This happens primarily with cards that reduce the cost to cast, but if I was to be more specific, Yuna [1-177R] would be a good example. This card says: “…your Water Summons…”. In other words, if you wanted to use Krile [12-061L] to cast your opponent’s Summon, her ability can be interpreted as: despite having Yuna [1-177R] in play, her cost deduction would not be applied in this instance, and cost would only be reduced when casting a Summon out of your own hand. However, having the same ability change its behavior just because the selected target is on a different side is contrary to the originally intended design.

As such, we have decided to issue an errata for Lani [12-018H] and Krile [12-061L]. We are adding “as though you owned” into the text, so that you can cast your opponent’s card as if it’s one of your own. Due to this, cost-reduction effects on cards like Yuna [1-177R] can be applied. Any card that has an ability or a Summon that can cast your opponent’s card will have the same text written in. (Please refer to the errata:

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Your understanding would be greatly appreciated.