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2017-11-16 09:16:09

Hey everyone! As promised, this week’s Card of the Week features a card from the new Card Type, Monster! At first glance, this card may not look like much. However, as a long time TCG player, this Monster is not only my favorite Monster card in Opus IV, it’s also one of my favorite cards in the set!

A similar version of this card existed in the FFTCG Chapter Series, but this new version really lets the possibilities fly, showing what Monsters can really bring to the table. The Monster I’m talking about is Magic Pot [4-094R].

Magic Pot first appeared in FINAL FANTASY V and has been a recurring Monster ever since, appearing in FINAL FANTASY VI, VII, X, XI, XII, XIV and countless spinoff titles. Magic Pots are imps who demand items, and in exchange for giving them the exact item they wanted, they will give the player something even better than what the Magic Pot was given. This particular iteration of Magic Pot is from its appearance in the FINAL FANTASY THEATRHYTHM series where it provided a massive amount of experience and was the most reliable way to improve your characters. The card’s effect touches on these themes in a really fun way.

Let’s take a look!

Magic Pot is a 1 CP Earth Monster that reads, “Magic Pot enters the field dull.” If you pay 1 Earth CP and dull Magic Pot, then put it and 1 Forward into the Break Zone, “Search for 1 Forward with the same name as the Forward you put into the Break Zone and play it onto the field. You can only use this ability during your turn.”

This Monster lets you switch out your Forward with another copy of that Forward, letting you swap between different versions of the same character! The amount of deck building potential this card opens up is enormous, and it sure makes the Alexander reveal from a few weeks ago that much stronger. Let’s look at some potential candidates for strong characters to run Magic Pot with.

Whenever an FFTCG player sees an effect involving breaking your own Forward, I’m sure Golbez is the first thought that comes to mind. Using Magic Pot with Golbez [1-135L] allows you to break Golbez easily for his ability which reads, “When Golbez is put from the field into the Break Zone, you may search for up to 4 Forwards of cost 2, each of a different Element, and play them onto the field. Their auto-abilities will not trigger.” Not only do you get to play FOUR 2-cost Forwards, but also a new Golbez!

While you could search for a replacement Golbez [1-135L], you could also search for Golbez [2-109H] instead! This also means you can run 2-cost Archfiends like Scarmiglione [3-082R] to get full value out of both versions of Golbez, as Golbez [2-109H] allows you to return Archfiends from your Break Zone to your hand.

The Archfiends themselves even have multiple versions, allowing you to swap between them at ease with Magic Pot! While Golbez certainly didn’t need much help at being an intimidating force, Magic Pot might make him just a little bit scarier than he already is.

While we’re on the subject of making a FINAL FANTASY villain just a little more scary than they already are, we can’t leave out Sephiroth.

Sephiroth currently has 4 different versions in FFTCG, so he’s a prime candidate for a deck that uses Magic Pot. The perfect version to use for Magic Pot’s cost is Sephiroth [3-039R]. When this Sephiroth is put from the field into the Break Zone, you may search for 1 Dark Element card named Sephiroth and add it to your hand. When using Magic Pot and Sephiroth [3-039R], you’ll get a new Sephiroth in play and one for your hand!

Sephiroth [1-186L] is a great choice to bring into play with Magic Pot. At 8 CP cost, Sephiroth is an 8000 power Forward with First Strike that reads, “When Sephiroth enters the field, choose 1 Backup. Break it.” Not only is an 8000 power First Strike Forward incredibly powerful, but this version of Sephiroth allows you to use Magic Pot as a way to get rid of an opposing Backup that might be causing you trouble.

You can also search for Sephiroth [PR-001], and you’ll have a Sephiroth card in your hand to use for Sephiroth’s Special Ability, Hell’s Gate, thanks to Sephiroth [3-039R]. With this version, you could potentially break multiple Backups over the course of a few turns. If you’re using this Sephiroth, I’d suggest running three copies of each of these Sephiroth cards to fuel Hell’s Gate.

Also, you may have heard that Opus IV will include characters from FINAL FANTASY VI. I’ll talk more about some fun tricks with Magic Pot and FINAL FANTASY VI in a future Card of the Week article, but I’ll let you speculate on what that might be for now.

Does Magic Pot have you thinking of any cool combos? Will you use it in your deck come Opus IV? Let us know in the comments at

We’ll be back next week with the final Opus IV spoiler before the Pre-Release.

See you then!