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2019-03-20 15:10:00

Opus 8

Each Sets not only brings new cards, it also bring tons of ideas for Card or Deck Combinations and questions.
With this article we would like to answer some of the Community-Questions for several cards and encourage you to ask our Official Channels if you have a questions for us where you cannot find answer yet.

Bahamut 8-015H

Can Bahamut be cast from deck with Vermillion Bird l'cie Caetuna (6-010H)?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Can Bahamut be casted with Minwu (6-123L)

Answer: Yes

Lava Spider 8-022R

Question: If Ramza (5-118L) goes to 10k or more under Lava Spider, does his auto-ability trigger?

Answer: Yes

Lasswell 8-043H

Question: Lasswell's FAQ reads "The decision regarding which Forward is dealt 8000 damage and which Forward is dulled takes place when resolving." Why doesn't 11.7.8. apply as it does for Meteor or Bloodfest?

Answer: Lasswell’s abilitiy is not equal to Meteor or Bloodfest. Raiden (4-114L) would be simliar. Meteor or Bloodfest assign values to multiple and Lasswell is not.

Meteor is Palom's (3-016H) Special Ability. Bloodfest is Yuffie's (1-085R) Special Ability.

11.7.8 can be found in the advanced rules.

Fina 8-060L

Question: If you pay the additional cost for Fina, do you have to pay 6 and 3 after this?

Answer: If you want to play the additional cost, this will be paid all together. In this case Fina will cost 9.

Ardyn 8-068L and Ninja 8-124C

Question: I control Ninja and my opponent has Ardyn. I enter the attack phase, Ardyn triggers. Can I stack Ninja's effect to steal Ardyn and then break him with his own effect on resolution?

Answer: Yes. You can do it.

Nacht 8-078L

Question: Can I discard 1 card to break a 1 cp card (like cactuar)?

Answer: Yes you can pay any CP.

Question: Can I discard 1 card but declare a 4 cost and let it fizzle on purpose?

Answer: Yes you can discard 1card and nothing will happen.

Question: Can I target Illua (5-099H) and pay 0 CP to trigger her effect?

Answer: Yes

Libroarian 8-084R

Questions: With Libroarian, if you draw to 6 cards in your end step when Libroarian's ability triggers do you go to the discard step?
Answer: Yes you still have to discard down to 5 cards.

Shamonde P Grauche 8-116R

Question: If Chelinka (7-054L) resolves on my forward while I control Shamonde P Grauche, if I apply Chelinka's modifier first, can I still apply Shamonde's modifier to make the damage 0?

Answer: The player who affected the 2 or more replacement effects can decide which is first. So, in this case, Shamonde’s controller can decide.

Paladin 8-121C

Question: If Paladin first chooses Gawain (7-107R), then chooses Leila (6-126R), and Gawain is damaged by a forward ability, what happens?

Answer: At first, we will replace the damage. So, Leila (6-126R) will take the damage instead. If you would do it the other way around, Gawain (7-107R) would not receive damage.

Question: Opponent casts Hecatonchair (4-093R) on Forward A with 9000 power. Use Paladin to redirect dmg to Forward B with 10000 power. Does opponent’s chosen forward take 9000 or 10000 damage?

Answer: 9000 damage.

Question: If I have Forward A that is dull, and Forward B that is active. I cast Glasya Labolas on Forward A, declaring 7000 damage and discard 1 card, then I declare Paladin in response, to move damage from Forward A to Forward B. Does the damage still happen?

Answer: It will deal damage no matter if Forward B is Dull or Active.

Meltigemini 8-128R

Question: If I cast Titan (6-075R) in my turn and after this is resolved I play Meltigemini while I have Maria (1-083H) on the Board. How much power will my Noctis (7-077L) have after being the target from Titan (6-075R)?

Answer: Meltigemini will cancel all abilities like Maria (1-083H) but not continuing effects like Titan (6-075R) which were casted earlier this turn. In this example Noctis (7-077L) Power would be 9000.

Lunafreya 8-132L

Question: Can Lunafreya revive a Monster that was being treated as a Forward when it went to break zone?

Answer: Yes

Ark 8-135H

Question: If your opponent has Glaive (8-076H) and Nacht (8-078L) (8k and 10k respectively) and then you cast Ark. Would you draw 1 card or 2?

Answer: Only 1 card. Nacht will be 0 after ark resolved.

Fordola 8-147S

Question: What happens if u blank her by removing all Abilities (after she was 9000 with Haste, First Strike and Brave)?

Answer: She will lose Haste, First Strike and Brave but will stay with 9000 Power.



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