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2019-04-15 14:40:40

We are proudly presenting the March Leaderboard as well as the Winners from March

Some Basics in case you have missed it:

Those Events can be combined with every other Event but it does not have to, therefor every Store can decide this on his own.

Some additional points:

March Winners

We are really happy to see the Leaderboard growing each month. With the end of March we had over 1.000 entries in the Leaderboard which is a huge success! But the next one will even be bigger! :)

Here is the Leaderboard for March: (everyone with at least 10 Points)

Kevin Whaley 35
Jimmy Nguyen 29
Thai Son Trinh Dinh 23
Christian Schwebke 22
Damien Zuidervliet 22
Dennis Rüger 21
Patrick Rüger 18
Kai Möller 17
Antonello Venditti 16
Kevin Cassel 16
Viet Duc Pham 16
Dave Thisleton 15
Jesse Dyer 15
John Cerda 15
Jonathan Chung Kim Yuen 15
Markus Christ 15
Ridvan Kaba 14
Cédric Plessis 13
Sascha Korbel 13
Alex Hancox 12
Graeme Pentelow 12
James Kiddie 12
Luca Reboldi 12
Xavier Saint Hilaire Knowles 12
Adam Goddard 11
Krzysztof Grynfelder 11
Mark Morris 11
Christian Bustamantel 10
James Taylor 10
Kurt Leißering 10
Nick Wilson 10
Paul McEvoy 10
Rochena Draper 10
Vinh Tran 10

And Here are your Winners for March (after removing the ones, that won a monthly reward already):

Overall Winner: Jimmy Nguyen with 29 Points
Runner-Up: Thai Son Trinh Dinh with 23 Points
Third Place: Christian Schwebke and Damien Zuidervliet with 22 Points and the same Tiebreaker. so we give both of them a win! :)

Best Player UK: Thai Son Trinh Dinh with 23 Points
Best Player France:Kevin Cassel with 16 Points
Best Player Italy: Antonello Venditti with 16 Points
Best Player Germany: Christian Schwebke with 22 Points
Best Player Spain: Francis Gutierrez with 10 Points
Best Player Benelux: Damien Zuidervliet with 22 Points

Prizes: TBA

To receive your prizes: Please sent us your full name and address to fftcg@eu.square-enix.com!!

Seasonal-Leaderboard Jan to March

Here is the Leaderboard for the end of the Season (everyone with at least 20 Points):

125 Kevin Whaley
51 Kai Moeller
46 Cédric Plessis
44 Jimmy Nguyen
43 Markus Christ
42 Luca Reboldi
40 Rochena Draper
39 Thai Son Trinh Dinh
39 Damien Zuidervliet
38 Viet Duc Pham
36 Kevin Cassel
36 Lucien Mousin
34 James Taylor
34 Xavier Saint Hilaire Knowles
33 Jesse Dyer
32 Alex Hancox
32 Patrick Rüger
31 Antonello Venditti
29 Christian Schwebke
29 Connor James
29 James Kiddie
28 Ridvan Kaba
28 Ruben Gutierrez
26 John Cerda
25 Anthony Achin
25 Dave Thisleton
25 Hugues Fourrier
25 Ronald van Zutphen
23 Jonathan Chung Kim Yuen
23 Paul McEvoy
23 Vinh Tran
22 Graeme Pentelow
22 Marco Grammatica
21 Andreu Ferre
21 Dennis Rüger
21 Isaac Lewis
21 Jose Ignacio Gonzalez
21 Manuel Spano
21 Martin Lace
21 Peter Sherratt
20 Adam Mann
20 Viet Duc Dao

Congratulations to Kevin Whaley! You have truely deserved your Spot at the European Championship 2019!

We also would like to award the full Top 10 of the Leaderboard with additional prizes including this beauties:

So make sure to drop us an E-mail with your full name and delivery address to fftcg@eu.square-enix.com!

For the next Season, every National Leaderboard Winner for each month, will also receive this cards!



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