Meet the Players

Tobi Henriet


Tobi Henriet - Belgium

As the former European & defending world champion I am proud to have seen my region grow so much in terms of skill & dedication towards the game & that is why I think one of our boys is most likely to become the new world champion. As for the players I am most excited to meet I have to give it to the NA players, these guys have done a lot to grow the game over there & I'm looking forward to finally talk face to face! Now on the subject of meta-call, I do not expect a deck that plays a Gesper focused strategy to win but it is still a competitive choice. Earth/Wind Dadaluma will be played however & I'm sure we will have at least 1 finalist playing that deck. I also believe water will be very popular & for all the right reasons.

Jason Zhe


Jason Zhe - Australia

Last year was about having fun, this time is about clashing against the best and coming out on top. It's the start of a new Opus format and that's where adaptable theorycrafters like me shine. We'll see some stick to their familiar old decks and some break out with the new Opus 7 tools. I've got some GrandJason classics and spicy new techs to show off as well.

Haruki Nakai


Haruki Nakai - Japan

It's such a wonderful opportunity to be able to play with other players from around the world, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy myself.

Luis Bardon-Burnett


Luis Bardon-Burnett - UK

I expect to see quite a lot of lightning. It has been popping up in a couple of tournaments and got a significant boost in opus 7 with the new Gilgamesh and Zapt. I think Zapt is the strongest of the new forward/monsters that search summons as it can ram into an opponents forward and search opus 6 ramuh to finish off the blocker and dull another blocker or give a forward haste. I also think wind will have a massive showing. Almost all of the top players at the European championship had wind in one of their decks and now we have access to the new Crystal Chronicles cards and Zu the element got even more powerful. As it is a 3 deck format players can afford to play strategies that lose to specific cards (like Famfrit or Dadaluma) since only 1 of the opponent’s decks will contain that counter. This means some crazy combos could show up!

Christopher Mattiske


Christopher Mattiske - Australia

I'm super excited to meet all the people I've met online through FFTCG, I play card games for the social aspect so I can't wait to just have a fun weekend with people that share my passion for this game. I hope to show off some creative ideas in my decks that make people say "wow that's so cool!" regardless whether I win or lose.

Alex Hancox


Alex Hancox - UK

From this World Final I am expecting to crush the hopes and dreams of the other competitors with the aid of my Wizard friend Exdeath. He will send all of them to the Void. Once the tournament is over we'll all go out to eat and laugh about it as their puny souls are slowly consumed into nothingness.

Matt Okimoto


Matt Okimoto - US

Hoping to have a ton of fun with players from around the world. I expect everyone to be as excited as me for some competitive games! In the famous words of Gregory Cole - ALL SYSTEMS GO!!!

Raphaël le Levé


Raphaël le Levé - France

I'm hoping for some exciting news regarding Organized Play next year, and to win of course!

Shota Hikokubo


Shota Hikokubo - Japan

I’m going to storm in and take the victory! It’s a great opportunity and I’m looking forward to playing lots of matches with players from outside Japan. If I have time, I’d love to visit Wembley and Emirates stadiums!

Marco Grammatica


Marco Grammatica - Italy

I don't want to expect anything, this is the secret of the ancient technique of crying.

Masayuki Yamada


Masayuki Yamada - Japan

This is my second year in a row participating, and I can’t wait. Having lost last year, I intend to make up for it this year!

Jose Ignacio Gonzalez


Jose Ignacio Gonzalez - Spain

I'll do my best to take the trophy home! We made it Saramambiches !

Robert Meadows


Robert Meadows - Australia

In all honesty I really don't know what to expect. The format sounds like an absolute blast, Opus 7 is already so exciting and I can't wait to see the creative deck line ups people will bring to Worlds! Most of all I'm looking forward to the event itself, meeting everyone and to just have a good time playing FFTCG. It's really enriched my life and I would never have dreamed it would take me to London, I can't wait!

Metin Pamuk


Metin Pamuk - Belgium

I’m hyped for worlds to be able to meet and contend with all the top players around the world, it is truely going to be an unique experience. I hope that the event itself runs smooth with a good atmosphere and that the prizing is fair and unique as well. Can’t wait to see what decks the other contenders have chosen.

Josh Ge


Josh Ge - Singapore

Don’t just win, dominate.

Sascha Korbel


Sascha Korbel - Germany

It's a great honor for me to represent the German community! I shall not disappoint them!

Zhou Quan


Zhou Quan - China

For Love, For Dreams, Start!

Chris Lopez


Chris Lopez - US

Hoping to build a foundation for what will become more of a team event if we are successful in our cooperation.

Evan Tanguy


Evan Tanguy - France

I'm expecting a well-run event filled with things to look forward to next year, and a good level of competition. I clearly intend to stand out!

Jamie Faulkner


Jamie Faulkner - UK

I'm expecting a lot of aggressive Ice decks that play heavy discard.

David Cox


David Cox - US

I'm expecting an interesting mix of players sticking to a predicted meta and those trying to out brew it. Coming in fresh off a new Opus will have some players playing it safe by upgrading established builds and other players trying to exploit new and unfamiliar ideas. We have some great brewers and I feel we all have something to look forward to from these minds.

Taiki Harigai


Taiki Harigai - Japan

Let’s all have fun playing FFTCG!

Tush Tsendjav


Tush Tsendjav - UK

I just want to have a fun time playing the game with players with all over the world and I hope that players will bring explosive and innovative decks and embrace the whole three deck format to it’s maximum potential.

Hunter Nance


Hunter Nance - US

It will be fun to play my favorite TCG with some of the best players in the world.. and if I do well that's just bonus upside.

Jordan Denk


Jordan Denk - Canada

What do I expect? I expect... pain. Pain to those who get in the way of team North America.

Pete Sherratt


Pete Sherratt - UK

Hi my name is Pete! I like long walks on the beach, chinese food and children's card games til 2am...

Jeremiah Toenjes


Jeremiah Toenjes - US

An opportunity to represent team North America and MnMoistbois on a global scale!

Chee Keong Tan


Chee Keong Tan - Malaysia

It's all about having fun. Winning is fun!

Nathan Perez


Nathan Perez - US


Chris Neal


Chris Neal - US

I expect the team of North American protagonists to ride in on their airship and limit break the competition in a Final Fantasy battle of epic proportions! (Translation: I expect to have a fun experience battling with players from around the world at a game we all enjoy.)

Daniel Jay Belia


Daniel Jay Belia - Australia

I expect to have a lot of fun playing against the world’s best, and am excited to meet heaps of new people.

Sylvain Mischler


Sylvain Mischler - France

I'd like to see an original deck featuring Opus VII. Other than that, lots of fun, great games and most importantly, no match-up against my French colleagues early on!

Patara Phathomaekalak


Patara Phathomaekalak - Thailand

I'm glad for a chance to be able compete with top players from around the world. I'm looking forward to new deck ideas with the inclusion of Opus 7, it seems very exciting!!!