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  • 【8-024C】Umaro
    • When Umaro is able to attack, the Attack Phase cannot be ended until Umaro has attacked. (Umaro doesn’t need to attack first.)
  • 【8-026L】Garland
    • With the first auto-ability, the character selection happens when resolving.
  • 【8-028R】The Mask
    • The Mask’s job is “???”. It’s not the case that The Mask has no job.
  • 【8-031R】Cocytus
    • When entering the field, the two auto-abilities are triggered and can be stacked in the order of your choice. Only the first auto ability has EX BURST.
  • 【8-034R】Scale Toad
    • The player does not have to discard a card if they have one card or fewer in their hand when resolving. However, as the ability resolves during the end phase, neither Summons nor abilities can then be used to facilitate this.
  • 【8-035H】Squall
    • Unless there are 0 cards in your hand prior to paying the cost for Squall’s action ability, it cannot be used. For example, if you have two cards in your hand and discard these in order to pay the cost, the ability cannot be used. (i.e the cost of this ability can only be paid with Backups)
  • 【8-039C】Time Mage
    • The decision to discard a card from your hand occurs when resolving.The cost refers to the original number in the top left-hand corner of the card.
  • 【8-040C/2-044R】Mateus, the Corrupt
    • When your opponent is attacking with a party, they place one member of the party of their choice into the Break Zone.
  • 【8-042L】Dark Fina
    • When selecting two actions, these are resolved in order from the top.
  • 【8-043H】 Lasswell
    • The decision regarding which Forward is dealt 8000 damage and which Forward is dulled takes place when resolving. If one of the two chosen Forwards can no longer be chosen when it is time to resolve, deal 8000 damage to another suitable Forward. It cannot be dulled.
  • 【8-044C】Lancer Unit
    • The decision regarding whether to dull or Freeze is made when resolving.


  • 【8-052C】Thief
    • When revealing a card randomly, your opponent must have their cards face-down and shuffled so that they do not know which is which when revealing a card.
  • 【8-053H】Sherlotta
    • You can generate two CP by first by dulling Sherlotta to generate 1 CP, and then placing her into the Break Zone to generate a total of 2 CP. (Towards the same or separate costs.)
  • 【8-055C】Selkie
    • Card Type refers to Forward, Backup, Summon or Monster.
  • 【8-056R】Deathgaze (IX)
    • The Forward removed from the field returns immediately after Deathgaze [IX] leaves the field. This action does not stack and cannot be used in a stack. If Deathgaze [IX] leaves the field prior to resolving, the chosen Forward is not removed from the field. If a Forward with the same name as the Forward which was removed is in your opponent’s field when Deathgaze [IX] leaves the field, the Forward which was removed does not return.
  • 【8-060L】 Fina
    • When paying the additional cost, the total comes to 9 CP. The extra 3CP is not paid when resolving. When selecting two actions, these are resolved in order from the top.
  • 【8-066C/3-071H】 Chaos, Walker of the Wheel
    • If the forward chosen using 【1-176H】 Yuna’s ability (or similar) cannot be put into the Break Zone, your opponent cannot play a Forward from their hand.
  • 【8-141S】Yuffie
    • The payment of X occurs when resolving.




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