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2019-02-28 19:13:58

Hello everyone. Kageyama here, the producer of FFTCG. We’re so close to the release of Opus VIII (March, 22nd) now. As usual, I’d like to jump right in to introduce a new card that you may want to keep an eye out for in this week’s article. There are so many things to take notice of with this week’s card as it is an Earth Legend, an introduction of a new character to FFTCG, and an important character in FINAL FANTASY XV—the card is Ardyn [8-068L].

Ardyn is an important figure in the story of FINAL FANTASY XV due to his status as Chancellor of the Empire of Niflheim, and he frequently appears in front of Noctis, the protagonist, giving hints here and there to lead him onto the path of his own liking. I believe many of you already know what kind of role Ardyn takes within the story of FINAL FANTASY XV, but I will not disclose it here. Regardless of how he is involved with the overall story, it is nevertheless true that he bears great power in many different ways.

Now, let’s take a look at how he’s depicted in FFTCG, and what his abilities are capable of. Ardyn [8-068L] is a 7 CP Forward with 9000 power. His power aside, you might be a bit curious about the extremely high cost of 7 CP because at such a high cost, you would probably expect his ability to be quite impressive.

Ardyn [8-068L] has a total of three abilities. The first keyword ability is “Brave.” I believe there’s no need for me to explain this one. This is a solid ability that works for both offense and defense. The second ability is simple yet powerful. “Ardyn cannot be broken.” This ability pretty much speaks for itself but I shall go into a little more detail here. This ability means that Ardyn [8-068L] cannot be broken by Odin [1-123R]. He will also not be broken even if he receives damage higher than his power. He will not be defeated even if he blocks or if he is blocked with an opponent’s Forward with 9000 power or more. As there is no limit to his immunity against being broken, this ability is even more powerful than those of Vincent [2-077L] or Y’shtola [6-083H].

To defeat Ardyn [8-068L], you will need to use methods other than breaking a card. For example, this will include methods such as lowering his power to zero instead of applying damage; using effects that will remove him from the game instead of breaking it; or using characters such as Famfrit, the Darkening Cloud [3-123R] that puts characters into the break zone. These limited methods are the only ways to defeat Ardyn [8-068L].

If those two abilities are the only ones he has, then it doesn’t leave much room for his opponent to take any measures against him. Having Brave and not getting broken, means that he can both attack and completely block the opponent’s attacks as well.

However, he does give a little bit of mercy to the opposing player—which is his third ability. Ardyn [8-068L] has an ability that reads: “At the beginning of your opponent's Attack Phase, your opponent selects 1 Character he/she controls. He/she may put it into the Break Zone. If he/she does so, Ardyn cannot block this turn.” With this ability, your opponent can sacrifice one character to stop your Ardyn [8-068L] from blocking, giving them the possibility to deal damage to you.

However, this is still a huge trade-off. Even if you were able to stop Ardyn [8-068L] from blocking with this ability, you aren’t guaranteed to be able to deal damage to your opponent if they have other Forwards in play. You also aren’t able to stop Ardyn [8-068L] from attacking, so you still can’t change the situation in which an unbreakable Forward will attack you every turn. His mercy to his opponent may just be a false hope.

Now, to end this blog as usual, please allow me to introduce some cards that have great synergy with Ardyn [8-068L]. Hecatoncheir [4-093R] will be at the top of the list. Since Ardyn [8-068L] cannot be broken even if he is dealt damage, you can safely break your opponent’s Forward with 9000 power or less. The same can be said for Yojimbo [7-048C]. Delita [1-112R] is an easy to understand combination as well. The synergy between the two is excellent as you can nullify the effect of his ability that breaks a Forward. However, the difficulty with this combo may be that you will have to play Ardyn [8-068L] with an exceptionally high cost before playing Delita [1-112R].

My personal favorite is the combination with Shantotto [4-083L]. Even if Shantotto [4-083L] deals painful damage to other Forwards with her ability, Ardyn [8-068L] is a reliable force to have by being able to withstand it all and continue to stay on the field. Other cards besides Shantotto [4-083L] that can deal high damage across the field, such as Sabin’s [4-021L] Rising Phoenix may be a good combination as well, as you wouldn’t need to worry about it hurting Ardyn [8-068L].

What did you think about Ardyn [8-068L]? I introduced a few cards that have good synergy with him, but he can of course control the field by himself as well. Please try using him! Next week’s Card of the Week is the last preview before the release of Opus VIII. RB will be introducing a protagonist character which will appear as a new element, so be sure to keep an eye out for it!


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