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Modifications to jobs

This blog post is not a scheduled one like usual, but is in fact a kind of errata. It is a chance for us to explain our reasoning behind the job changes made to cards from Opus I to Opus III... The number of errata entries differs between languages, but the reasons for the amendments are all the same. Therefore, what is said in this column will apply equally to all language versions of the game.

Reproducing the original FF games and the nature of the gameplay​

Fundamentally, in FFTCG we try to stay faithful to the original FF games that the cards are based on when it comes to the jobs. As the card game is based on the original video games it kind of goes without saying, but due to factors relating to how those original games were localised for different languages, it doesn’t always follow that all job names will be exactly the same as in the Japanese version they are based on. For example, some jobs that had different names in Japanese have been made into the same job in other languages, or characters that should have been put as the same job might have been made into different ones. Obviously this leads to several problems.

The biggest problem is that it is then difficult to create abilities and Summons with effects relating to jobs that change with the localisation. For example, when creating a card that references a specific job, such as [2-104R] Kain, it becomes impossible to make it involve any of these kinds of jobs. This is because which other cards are affected by such a card’s abilities will differ between languages, causing a difference in the comparative strengths and the weaknesses of those abilities in different localised versions of the game.

However, saying that, if we decide not to make cards like that in the first place it won’t be a large problem in the end. …… Well, at least not when playing the game.

Potential for abilities

However, this issue has been a great worry for us when we make a new set of cards, check through for bugs and release them into the world. We’ve begun to wonder if it is really ok to completely leave out the jobs that are such an essential element in recreating the experience of the FF worlds.

After much discussion and deliberation we came to a single conclusion. Basically, we will try to be as faithful to the original games as much as possible, and if there are any cases in which the TCG rules would be affected we will then have to make certain changes. Because of this we had to do a bit of tweaking to the jobs we have already for the sake of the future abilities.

The actual card effected

On that note, Opus III already includes a card that is affected by the changes mentioned above. As this is such a good opportunity, I will introduce it here and now for you all. The affected card is [3-065L] Bartz, whose strength value changes depending on the number of jobs that you control. Who knows, that card may now have found a new potential in your language?

Job Changes


Name Card number Before After
Leon 1-060H Dark Knight Rebel


Name Card number Before After
Leon 1-060H Chevalier noir Rebelle
Quistis 2-127R Instructrice Instructeur
Exdeath 1-122H Sorcier Incantateur
Exdeath 2-101H Sorcier Incantateur
Exdeath 3-100L Sorcier Incantateur
Enuo 3-101H Sorcier Incantateur
Larsa 2-139C Prince Quatrième fils de l'Empereur


Name Card number Before After
Leon 1-060H Caballero oscuro Rebelde
Quistis 2-127R Instructora Seed Instructor
Reeve 2-119R Director Director de la WRO
Exdeath 1-122H Mago Brujo
Exdeath 2-101H Mago Brujo
Exdeath 3-100L Mago Brujo
Enuo 3-101H Mago Brujo
Laguna 1-058L Pistolero Tirador
Laguna 1-059R Pistolero Tirador
Laguna 2-046R Pistolero Tirador
Enna Kros 1-095R Diosa Divinidad creadora
Larsa 2-139C Príncipe Cuarto hijo del Emperador
Raubahn 2-093H Jefe General de los inmortales


Name Card number Before After
Leon 1-060H Dunkelritter Freiheitskämpfer
Emperor Xande 2-007L Kaiser Imperator
Gramis 2-106R Kaiser Imperator
Golbez 1-135L Hexer Hexenmeister
Golbez 2-109H Hexer Hexenmeister
Kurasame 3-031R Kommandant Ausbilder
Doktor Cid 2-041H Forscher Forschungsleiter
Gilgamesh 1-128R Hauptmann Prätorianer
Gilgamesh 3-103H Hauptmann Prätorianer
Gilgamesh 1-129C Hauptmann Prätorianer
Laguna 1-058L Schütze Meisterschütze
Laguna 1-059R Schütze Meisterschütze
Laguna 2-046R Schütze Meisterschütze
Krile 3-078H Paladin Mystikritter
Enna Kros 1-095R Göttin Schöpferin der Welten
Leonora 3-143C Priester Geistliche
Larsa 2-139C Prinz Vierter Sohn des Imperators
Raubahn 2-093H General Phönixgeneral


Name Card number Before After
Laguna 1-058L Pistolero Cecchino
Laguna 1-059R Pistolero Cecchino
Golbez 1-135L Mago nero Stregone
Quistis 2-127R Istruttrice Istruttore
Leon 1-060H Cavaliere nero Ribelle
Amarant 3-013R Cacciatore di taglie Combattente
Gippal 1-101R Capo Leader della fazione
Larsa 2-139C Principe Quarto figlio dell'imperatore
Raubahn 2-093H Capo Generale degli immortali
Exdeath 1-122H Mago Incantatore
Exdeath 2-101H Mago Incantatore
Exdeath 3-100L Mago Incantatore
Enuo 3-101H Mago Incantatore
Krile 3-078H Paladino Cavaliere mistico
Mustadio 1-118R Ingegnere Macchinista


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