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2017-10-12 10:51:27

Hello everyone! Today, I would like to deliver a special “From the Producer” blog post regarding the World Championship format. I am sure many of you have questions about this, as the special format for the World Championship is quite unique. As such, I’d like to take a moment to provide insight into the reasons we have decided on this format for the World Championship.

■ Participants are the 16 Best Players in the World

It’s no surprise that the players who participate in the World Championship are the top players worldwide. Therefore, I felt it would be best to prepare a stage worthy of them that would involve a higher level of strategy. This is the reason we have decided on a format that uses three (3) different decks. In the process, we considered other options, such as using what we call sideboards in which players would switch out a few key cards to counter an opponent’s deck, or compete using various formats, such as draft, amongst others.

That said, in regards to sideboards, FFTCG (as it currently stands) is not built on the premise of using sideboards. In other words, with sideboards, there is a potential issue in that we may not be able to guarantee an optimal game balance. Furthermore, in regards to the idea about using other formats, some formats may be more popular in certain regions over others. This means that regional differences could play a significant part in a player’s experience. So, just considering the sheer amount of opportunities players may have to practice and train, it would be difficult to state that this format is entirely fair.

As such, I have decided to adopt this format, which will utilize three (3) decks, for the upcoming Championship.

■ Is this format competitive?

Now, some people may have doubts about the level of competition with this format and whether it would be fitting to use at the World Championship. I am going to make a clear statement and affirm that there is a high level of competition associated with this format. I am going to rewrite the essential points of the format below:

  1. Players will prepare three (3) decks, and only up to three (3) of the same cards may be used in total across all decks.
  2. The player who wins two (2) out of three (3) games progresses. The same deck may not be used more than once in a given match. It does not matter if a player wins or loses a game in a match, they will be required to change their deck.

In short, the tournament requires players to use three (3) different decks and whichever players wins two (2) out of three (3) games progresses.

Requiring three (3) different decks will test the player’s deck construction abilities, and will equally test their gameplay skills/techniques based on whether they are able to fully utilize all three decks. It will be easier to increase the precision, to a certain degree, on both fronts with one deck, but it becomes quite difficult when it involves three (3). It is exceptional and can only be done because the participants are the top players. And, from the viewers’ perspective, it would be noteworthy to keep an eye out on the decks the 16 players select.

One additional point. Another enjoyable aspect is the deck selection during the tournament. Setting aside the first round, from the second round onwards, players would be able to narrow down their opponents’ decks to a certain degree based on what has been used thus far. Players will select their own deck based on their predictions for their opponent’s deck, and they will flexibly adjust their play style to respond to predicted moves. The player that is able to successfully achieve this will be one step closer to victory. There is nothing quite like it in terms of being demanding from a strategic and competitive perspective. Being able to read your opponent’s strategies and prepare for specific cards on a global level can only be viewed at the World Championship.

■ Match Duration

Lastly, I would like to touch upon a new plan for how we will handle match duration. For the final rounds, the time limit will not be for the entire match, rather, it will be 40 minutes per game (a maximum of 120 minutes for 3 games in a match). Since the time progression will differ between tables, we cannot adopt this for the Swiss Rounds, but we feel dividing the match duration per game is appropriate for the World Championship Format where players will be changing their decks.

In this fashion, I have devised various plans to elevate the competitiveness of this World Championship. Some may question this format after just reading the rules alone, but in actuality, it is an extremely exciting format. We hope that players will be able to master the format and seize the throne as the World Champion!

Additional Note: Furthermore, in order to reduce the burden placed on participants, we will be loaning cards for this tournament. If the players are interested in borrowing any cards, they should request the cards when submitting their deck registration sheet.