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2019-01-09 17:10:36

Happy New Year everyone :)

Today we would like to give you some information how the European Leaderboard 2019 will work.

Those Events can be combined with every other Event but it does not have to, therefor every Store can decide this on his own.

The Latest Date to submit Scores for the Leaderboard is the 6th of each month. The final Leaderboard for each month will be published shortly after this. All Results must be submitted to fftcg@eu.square-enix.com.

The Point-System

There will be points awarded for your result as well as the number of won matches.



The Winner of the European Leaderboard of each 3-monthly Season will qualify for the European Championship.

In Addition there will be additional prizes each month and a special price for the best player of each Region (France, Spain, UK, Germany, Italy and Benelux).


If there are two players with the same amount of points, the player who played MORE tournament will win the tiebreak, if there is still a tie we will look into the Damagecount of all the attended Tournaments, and the Player who took less damage will win the Tiebreak.

More News will be announced soon. Stay tuned!


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