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2017-11-22 22:53:32

Hey everyone! Opus IV is almost here, and this week’s Card of the Week is one more preview before the prereleases this weekend! I hope you remember something I said during an earlier Card of the Week regarding FINAL FANTASY XIII. If you do, I mentioned wanting to team up Hope and Lightning, and I’ve been itching to reveal the exact version of Lightning I was referring to, as Opus IV features a brand new version of Lightning from FINAL FANTASY XIII-2.

For those who haven’t played FINAL FANTASY XIII or XIII-2, please be aware there are some spoilers. So, if you don’t want to be spoiled, skip ahead to the card reveal!

This version of Lightning is based on her appearance in Final Fantasy XIII-2. After the events of FINAL FANTASY XIII, Lightning is captured by darkness from another world and dragged to the edge of time, being removed from history itself. She finds herself in Valhalla where she eventually becomes a Knight for the Goddess, Etro, tasked with defending her from Caius Ballad, a former l’Cie and immortal guardian of Yeul. The two become locked in a never-ending battle, as Caius refuses to give up on Yeul. Lightning returns, after being removed from history, to protect her sister, Serah.

Let’s see how that flavor comes through in the card design!

Lightning [4-115L] is a 5 CP cost, 7000 Power Lightning Forward with Haste. When Lightning enters the field OR attacks, choose 1 Forward your opponent controls. If you control a Category XIII Character other than Lightning, dull that chosen Forward. You can discard 1 Card Name Lightning to Remove Lightning from the game, and then play her back onto the field dull. So you can have her lock down opposing Forwards, and “remove her from time” when you need to, only to have her reappear and dull another Forward.

With this version of Lightning, we’ll need to run another FINAL FANTASY XIII character. Hope [4-068H] shown in an earlier Card of the Week works great with Lightning. If you use her ability and have Hope in play, you can activate Lightning and Attack again immediately thanks to Lightning’s Haste. Getting to search for Alexander makes him even better.

If Wind isn’t your speed, Amodar [1-091R] can work out great in an Earth/Lightning deck. Amodar allows you to search your deck for Lightning, and he’s an EX Burst, so there are even more odds you’ll be searching for extra copies of Lightning to use her ability. Also, because he’s a backup without a continuous field ability, it’s not likely he’ll be a target for any Backup removal your opponent might play, giving you a nearly guaranteed character for Lightning’s ability.

Since we’re running many copies of Lightning, and a few of them will have Haste, Magic Pot [4-094R], shown last week, is a great addition to a Lightning deck. Even with just Lightning [4-115L], you can dull a lot of opposing Forwards making way for an all-out attack. Play Lightning, dull a Forward, attack with Lightning, dull a 2nd Forward, use Magic Pot, dull a 3rd forward, and then attack with the newly played Lightning to dull a 4th Forward.

So, let’s look at some other versions of Lightning you might want to use alongside this one, since we’ll want a few to fuel her ability.

Lightning [1-142R] is a good choice for a relatively low cost Forward at 4 CP. Her 4000 power isn’t ideal, but she has Haste and when she enters the field, you can choose 1 Forward your opponent controls and dull it. This makes her a great character to play, dull a Forward, and get a quick attack in. Then, you can Magic Pot to search for Lightning [4-115L], dull a 2nd Forward, and attack again to dull a 3rd Forward!

If you’re looking for an alternate Lightning to carry a game when [4-115L] isn’t showing up, Lightning [1-141L] is an excellent alternative. When she enters the field, you may search your deck for 1 Card Name Odin and add it to your hand. She also has a special ability, “Army of One,” that costs 1 Lightning CP. It reads, “Until the end of the turn, Lightning gains Haste, First Strike and “When Lightning attacks, choose up to 1 Forward opponent controls. If it is possible, it must block Lightning this turn”.” She’s a great source of removal, giving you a Summon to break an opposing Forward, and the potential to use Army of One to take out an opposing Forward herself.

Since we’ll be running Odin if we’re playing Lightning [1-141L], Lightning [3-118H] would be an excellent addition as well. She has an EX Burst ability that allows you to choose 1 Card Name Odin in your Break Zone, and put it on top of your deck. With Magic Pot tricks, if your opponent was going to target your Lightning [1-141L] with a removal ability, you could Magic Pot her yourself, search for [3-118H] and then put the Odin you searched for earlier with [1-141L] on top of your deck! Her special ability, “Gestalt Drive,” costs 1 Lightning CP, 1 additional CP, dull Lightning, and discard 1 Card Name Odin. While the cost is hefty, it allows you to choose up to 2 Forwards of cost 4 or less and break them.

Using other versions of Lightning with special abilities is great since they can all fuel each other. So, regardless of which version you get out onto the field, you always have options. Whether you’re fighting as a Knight of Etro, an Army of One, or showing off your Gestalt Drive, each version of Lightning is impressive in its own right.

So what do you think? Will you take up arms alongside this time-trapped knight? What ideas of your own do you have for Lightning? Let us know in the comments at!

Opus IV Pre-releases are THIS WEEKEND! I hope you’re all excited to get your hands on this new set and see firsthand how the newest cards will change the meta.

Card of the Week will be on hiatus next week, but I hope these last few weeks have made you all excited for what’s to come!

Until next time.