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2017-10-13 09:20:29

Hey everyone! RB here with another Opus IV card of the week. I hope you’re all excited for more Opus IV reveals! This week’s card is a new version of a popular Water Summon, Leviathan [4-143R]!

Leviathan first appeared in FINAL FANTASY II, not as a Summon, but a Monster! The creature guards Mysidia Tower, and will swallow anyone in possession of a Crystal Rod, should they attempt to approach the tower. Starting in FINAL FANTASY III, Leviathan became a Summon who has reappeared throughout the series, often referred to as the “Lord of all Waters.” Leviathan plays a major role in the stories of FINAL FANTASY IV, IX, XIV and XV. This particular version is from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY -Arcade-, where Leviathan assists your team and blows away the enemy team when summoned.

Let’s take a look!

Leviathan allows you to Choose 1 Forward you control and 1 Forward your opponent controls, and then return both to their owners’ hands. With the Opus I version of Leviathan, you have a choice of whether to use it defensively on your own Forward, or offensively on an opposing Forward. Now you won’t have to make that choice, as both happen when you cast Opus IV Leviathan! It’s best to save this Leviathan for when your opponent uses an ability or summon on one of your Forwards, and we can build our deck to maximize the value of this effect.

One of the first things that comes to mind with this Leviathan is using a lot of Forwards in our deck that have abilities when they enter the field. A great example for maximum value out of Leviathan is Semblance of a Witch [2-125C]. When Semblance of a Witch enters play, choose a Forward and Freeze it. If Semblance of a Witch was alone defending against 2 Forwards, you could block the first, then cast Leviathan before damage is dealt to return Semblance of a Witch to your hand, and get rid of the second opposing Forward. Then, on your turn, replay Semblance of a Witch to Freeze the Forward that attacked, giving you even more time before either of the two Forwards can attack again.

When you first play Ephemeral Summoner [3-125C], you can search your deck for Leviathan and put it on top of your deck. When you cast Leviathan, either via EX Burst or drawing into it, choose Ephemeral Summoner and replay her to search for another Leviathan! It can effectively search out each of your Leviathans and then an additional fourth Summon!

Lenna [3-144L] can return a 2 Cost Water Forward from your Break Zone to the Field, and protecting her with Leviathan will not only reduce your opponent’s board presence, but increase yours even further when you play her again. You can return Ephemeral Summoner alongside Lenna to make sure Lenna is always protected!

There are also some other cool tricks you can pull off with Leviathan. Famed Mimic Gogo [3-142H] breaks when your opponent has no Forwards in play. So, if you have Gogo in play when your opponent is on their last Forward, use Leviathan to remove their Forward and save your Gogo simultaneously.

Lastly, Zidane [3-056H] allows you to look at your opponent’s hand and choose a card from it for them to discard. If your opponent has a really powerful threat on the field, choose it with Leviathan, and choose your Zidane. Then replay Zidane and make your opponent discard that Forward that was giving you trouble so they can’t replay it.

What are some ideas you have for how to use Leviathan? Will you be including Leviathan in your Water deck come Opus IV? Let us know in the comments at!

See you next week for more Opus IV reveals!