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Hello, everyone. You are reading the FINAL FANTASY Trading Card Game official article series. I am Arai, one of the developers of the game. Card Gamer editor and FFTCG players wrote great articles, and I personally really enjoy them. Now we would like to take some time to share stories from the perspective of a designer. I hope you enjoy them.

So this is the first one. I would like to talk about a new format, “Title Format.” It is as just like it sounds, build a deck using only one category of cards and fight with it.

This is not meant to be a competitive tournament format, but rather a casual and light way of playing FFTCG. It’s great for playing a game with friends or as a side event at official tournaments. I really hope fans of a specific title, or beginners not ready for tournament play to play this.

This format has 3 unique rules.

  1. You can use cards from only one category, of course. One exception is that you can include the 1 CP Standard Unit Backups from each element.
  2. You play cards, you can use any element for CP. Abilities still require the correct CP.
  3. You can use more than 1 same name character at the same time, as long as they are different versions.

Rule 2 has to be a great for those who love II, IV, or V. Characters from those titles belong to every element. In this format, you can use Golbez’s archfiends or the Dawn Warriors without frustration.

With rule 3, Cloud, Lightning, or any other character who appears as several cards can shine. In ordinary constructed matches, many players hesitate to put multiple versions of the same character since the only usage would be for their special ability. However in Title format it is not, so you can even build a Cloud deck with only Cloud cards for Forwards if you really like him that much. Also, a character could be both a Forward and a Backup, so characters like Yuna or Rinoa are great in Title Format.

It might seem weird at first if you are familiar with ordinary rules, but sometimes breaking the rules can be fun. You need to take time to build a deck, but you can play cards a lot more freely. It’s such a different way of playing, and the strategies that come from Title Format bring a different type of joy.

Now, I will show you some sample decks. Of course, it’s more fun to ignore the minor details and simply gather all your favorite cards, but it still might be tough if this is your first time making a deck. Please use sample to draw a rough line if you need it.



【2-006R】Sazh 2

【1-043H】Snow 3

【1-195S】Serah 3

【1-082R】Hope 3

【1-208S】Noel 1

【1-207S】Gilgamesh 3

【1-141L】Lightning 3

【1-210S】Lightning 2


【1-017R】Dajh 2

【1-045R】Serah 3

【1-193S】Jihl Nabaat 3

【2-037R】Jihl Nabaat 2

【1-196S】Mog [XIII-2] 2

【1-079R】Nora 3

【1-091R】Amodar 3


【1-023R】Brynhildr 3

【1-018L】Bahamut 3

【1-061R】Alexander 3

【1-123R】Odin 3

XIII has its own starter set and lots of Lightning’s friends can be found in the boosters. Not just characters, but it even has plenty of Summon choices. For this deck, all summons are from Opus I, so it’s simple to build. There are 4 kinds, and all 12 summons have a way to remove an opposing Forward. There are 15 Ex burst cards including Backups.

▲Two of the best for removal

There are 2 kinds of Serah backup and forward. 2 different Jihl Nabaat with different kinds of abilities are also in.

▲In an ordinary game, Forward Serah is more likely to be chosen, but in this mono title game, I highly recommend you to take the Backup, too.

There are varieties of summons from all elements, but on the other hand, powers of forwards are strong. This deck is focused on winning games before your opponent even has a chance to fight back, using haste and abilities to make Forwards dull. It is beautiful to dull them with Snow 【1-043H】 to get some damage in, then freeze them with Jihl Nabaat 【1-193S】. If Forwards all go according to plan, Lightning 【1-210S】 could become a cost 0 Forward. Line up light cost Forwards quickly and strike quickly just like her namesake.



【1-041L】Squall 3

【1-042R】Squall 3

【2-038H】Squall 3

【1-058L】Laguna 3

【1-059R】Laguna 3

【2-046R】Laguna 3

【2-047L】Rinoa 3

【2-105C】Kiros 3

【1-152L】Ultimecia 3


【1-011C】Evoker 3

【1-040C】Summoner 3

【1-138C】Summoner  3

【2-009R】Selphie 3

【2-001H】Irvine 2

【2-048R】Rinoa 3


【2-002C】Ifrit 3

【2-045C】Moonba 3

Point of VIII is connection between forwards. It makes more power, Laguna 【1-059R】 + Squall 【1-042R】, Kiros 【2-105C】, and Rinoa 【2-047L】. Unfortunately, we cannot use Devout 【1-048C】 who usually helps the Squall and Laguna chemistry in an ordinary game. On the other hand, it is great 2 Rinoas can exist in the field together. It is even possible to search Forward Rinoa from Backup Rinoa. I know it sounds so weird, but weird is possible in Title Format!

We’ll have to use Standard Units since there are not enough Backups in this category, but the Forwards are really strong. Most Forwards work with over 9000 power if you fulfill small requirements and it is not easy to stop them.

I personally recommend using Ultimecia 【1-152L】. When she is on the field, all of your opponent’s Forwards come into play dull, Laguna 【1-058L】 can burn one for 7000 power. She has a little bit of a downside, such as voiding Kiros’ 【2-105C】 Haste, but if you have a chance, I think it’s a fun deck to try out.

▲Great chemistry in deck building is a simple pleasure.



【2-023H】Rubicante 3

【3-024R】Rubicante 3

【2-064H】Barbariccia 3

【3-066R】Barbariccia 3

【2-085H】Scarmiglieon 3

【3-082R】Scarmiglieon 3

【2-091C】Yang 3

【3-095R】Yang 3

【3-073C】Ursula 3

【1-127H】Kain 3

【1-135L】Golbez 3

【2-109H】Golbez 3

【2-124H】Cagnazzo 3

【3-130R】Cagnazzo 3


【1-011C】Evoker 3

【1-138C】Summoner 3

【2-148H】Zemus 2

Last one is IV, there are very unique and attractive characters, and it’s the 2nd largest category in the game.

This deck sacrifices Backups to take all of Golbez’s archfiends in, a so-called “Hail Mary” deck (no Backups and discard cards from the very beginning). As in the original title, the Archfiends belongs to four different elements. It is not easy to use all of them in the ordinary game, but in this mono title, we can ignore elements.

The basic tactic is to slam even cost cards with 0 or 2 backups. Archfiend cards piles up in break zone, Golbez 【2-109H】 becomes easy to play without cost.

▲Power 9000 with 0 cost! He’s the best.

Yang 【3-095R】 and Ursula 【3-073C】 are also even cost, so they match this tactic. They make a great threat for your opponent, 2 Forwards of 9000 power with a low cost. Try not to use them as cost, keep them in your hand and have them enter the field together.

▲Ideal situation is two of them together, but Yang 【2-091C】, himself has a great interactive effect.

The deck is mostly Final Fantasy IV enemies aside from Yang and Ursula, but there are plenty of heroes to choose from IV. For example, love triangle deck with Cecil, Rosa, and Kain. A ninja deck with Edge could be also fun.

So I just introduced 3 sample ideas.

The variety of decks and tactics are unlimited with an increasing card pool. Now, some titles cannot be made into decks yet, but please look forward to more categories in future releases! We cannot take our eyes off some of the future cards.

See you later!


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