Producer's Statement - 5/17/2019 > News
2019-05-17 20:05:35

■Regarding questionable plays during tournaments

Hello everyone. This is Tarou Kageyama, the producer of FF-TCG. In order to ensure that this game remains a healthy competitive sport, I need to bring up something that’s a bit important.

 The other day, during a featured match at a tournament, there was a play that should have been ruled illegal. However, the play itself went unnoticed, and the match ended as such. What happened afterwards was that this was called to light post-tournament by viewers of the recorded footage. When the judge for that match spoke with the player about the play in question, all factors considered, they determined that they were unable to state without a doubt that there was intent.

 That said, the table judge at the featuring match should have noticed at the time this happened, stopped the game, and issued a warning to said player – that is how the situation should have unfolded.

 With the incident above in mind, we are taking measures to improve judging as well as how we address similar cases moving forward. We are already organizing a place where tournament coordinators and staff from the various regions can discuss this, but we will be pushing this even further, in order to create a better game environment. We ask for your kind understanding during this.

 Additionally, when something like this happens, sometimes we see personal attacks being taken too far, as well as harassment via platforms like social media. Actions such as these, when taken too far, can become obtrusive in some cases. For the health of the community as well, please refrain from making attacks on individuals. In situations like these, the player and the judge already fully realize the gravity of their mistake. If there is anything you still feel the need to communicate, please reach out through our official channels.

 Thank you for the love that you always give to FF-TCG. Thank you in advance for your continued support.



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