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2019-03-07 17:11:31

I hope you are doing great. Today we would like to present you the current Leaderboard as well as the Winners from February

Some Basics in case you have missed it:

Those Events can be combined with every other Event but it does not have to, therefor every Store can decide this on his own.

The Latest Date to submit Scores for the Leaderboard is the 6th of each month. The final Leaderboard for each month will be published shortly after this. All Results must be submitted to fftcg@eu.square-enix.com. (Screenshot of the final standings)

Some additional points:

February Winners and update of the Leaderboard

We are really happy to see this huge interest in the Leaderboard and we are happy about that February increased to 350 unique Playernames in the Leaderboard.

Also we will change the Leaderboard-Prizing a bit to offer more profit to everyone!

We will keep the best players of each Month and the Top 3 in general, but every player will only receive Prizes one time each Season (each 3 month) to give more players the Opportunity of winning. But that's not a loss for all those who already won - in addition to the Slot on the European Championship, we will give some additional prizes at the end of each Season now for the overall players with the most points as well as a special Prize for the Player who attended the most events per Season.
This change will be in place immediately and all affected players are fine with this change to bring more joy to more players in the Community! Big Shoutout to Kevin Whaley and Cedric Plessis.

Here are your Winners for February:

Overall Winner: (Kevin Whaley with 54 Points) -> Kai Moeller with 28 Points
Runner-Up: James Taylor with 24 Points
Third Place: Xavier St Hilaire Knowles with 22 Points and the better Tiebreaker

Best Player UK: (Kevin Whaley with 54 Points) -> James Taylor with 24 Points
Best Player France: (Cedric Plessis with 17 Points) -> Anthony Achin with 16 Points
Best Player Italy: Luca Reboldi with 22 Points
Best Player Germany: Kai Moeller with 28 Points
Best Player Spain: Andreu Ferre with 17 Points
Best Player Benelux: Jimmy Nguyen with 15 Points

Prizes: TBA

To receive your prizes: Please sent us your full name and address to fftcg@eu.square-enix.com!!

Let's hit the 400 in March!

Leaderboard February

Here is everyone with atleast 10 Points in February

54 Kevin Whaley
28 Kai Moeller
24 James Taylor
22 Markus Christ
22 Luca Reboldi
22 Xavier St Hilaire Knowles
19 Rochena Draper
18 Jesse Dwyer
17 Cedric Plessis
17 Andreu Ferre
16 Anthony Achin
16 Thai Son Trinh Dinh
16 Connor James
15 Alex Hancox
15 Ruben Gutierrez
15 Jimmy Nguyen
13 Lucien Mousin
12 Kevin Cassel
12 Ridvan Kaba
12 Luke Wytcherley
12 Marco Grammatica
12 Jackie Haden
12 Antonello Venditti
12 Sergio Ele
11 Jose Ignacio Gonzalez
11 Matteo Montorsi
10 Pascal Keils
10 Andrea Massioli
10 Mathieu Gomez
10 Juanma Zarco
10 David Alcantara
10 Graeme Pentelow
10 Jeffrey Reuling
10 James Kiddie
10 Ronald Van Zutphen
10 Adam Mann
10 Viet Duc Pham

The next post (after the Crystal Cup) will give you the Full Seasonal Leaderboard - Stay tuned.



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