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2018-02-08 10:43:00

We are proud to present the Championship Series 2018 for Europe and Oceania!

The time has come for you to prepare your decks and get ready for the Championship Series 2018! This year is all about playing and we will offer lots of exciting tournaments as well as great prize support.

We have completly overhauled last year's format with two Waves of Events and a more uniform structure across territories:

- Wave 1 -

- Wave 2 -

Regional Events (March - May)* (Time frame may vary per region)

Grand Open Events (Aug - Sep)* (Time frame may vary per region)

Last Chance Qualifiers & Nationals (From end of May - TBC)

European Final (October - TBC)

Starting with the Regional Events in March, we will offer up to 100 Regional Events per region. The 8 participating regions are:

  • UK & the Nordics
  • France
  • Germany, Austria & Switzerland
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Benelux
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

Any store* can participate and organize a Regional Event with the following requirement:

  • Min. Attendance: 16 player
* If you are a storekeeper, simply contact your local distributor to register.

The number and size of Regional Events will determine the number of slots for each region's National Event:

  • 16-24 player: The Winner will receive a slot for the National Event
  • 25+ player: The Winner and the Runner-Up will receive a slot for the National Event, but the Winner will also receive a "First-Round-BYE"

and there are lots of cool prizes tool!

  • 1st Place - FFTCG Supply Set + Random Dissidia Promo Card
  • 2nd Place - Black FFTCG Deckbox + FFTCG Sleeves*
  • 3rd Place - FFTCG Sleeves*
  • 4th Place - FFTCG Sleeves*

(*Prizes between Europe and Oceania may vary)

Participation prizes for up to 50 players will also be included as well as one random Dissidia Promo Card given away to one lucky winner. (Raffle)

Please note: these Events are designed for country residents and 70% of your deck (35 out of 50 cards) must be localized in the relevant version (e.g - if attending a French regional 70% of the cards in your deck must be in French).

The Format of each Regional Event will be "Best of 1" - Swiss Rounds (based on the number of participants) and "Best of 3" - Single Elimination Rounds for the Top Cut (4 to 8 players depending on the attendance).

ID checks will be performed for each Regional Event Winner to receive their prize - these players can take part in more Regional Events for fun but are not allowed to receive the Top1 prize again - they are welcome to apply as judge for other regionals after taking and passing the level 1 Judge-Test from our upcomming Judge Program (details TBC). A player who already qualified for a national event can't receive a second entry and the slot will be given to the next best ranked player of that regional tournament.

Last Chance Qualifier

Get one extra life with the Last Chance Qualifier! This is the ultimate chance to make it to the National. Up to 64 player can take part in this Mini-Tournament right before the big event. The Last Chance Qualifier will take place either one day before or the morning before the National and consists of 4 rounds of Swiss in "best of 1", with only the Top Cut qualifying for the National. The Top Cut will be determined by the amount of players taking part in the Last Chance Qualifier:

  • 16 - 24 player: Top 4 Cut
  • 25 - 32 player: Top 6 Cut
  • 33 - 64 player: Top 8 Cut

Prizes and more information will be announced closer to the National Events.

National Events

We will reveal more details on these events shortly but would like to highlight some of the novelties for this year.

Each Winner of the 8 National Tournaments will directly qualify for this year's World Championship in London with transport and accommodation all covered! The runner-up of each National Tournament in Europe will get flight & accomodation for the European Championship for one more chance to make it to the Worlds.

Please note: for this year's European Championship, the number of slots will increase from 26 to 32 and 10 of these will be allocated based on the number of Regional Events held in each region compared to other regions in Europe.

As a small benefit for last year's European Finalists, we will allocate one slot for each of them to participate in their respective country's National Event.

WAVE 2: Grand Open Qualifiers

With the Grand Open Qualifiers we want to introduce a second possibility to secure a slot at the European Championship with a number of large scale Events across Europe - each of these Events will have a capacity of up to 256 participants and the card restrictions of Wave 1 will be lifted (cards can be in any language).

The format will be same as during the Regionals with a Top Cut of 8 or 16 players depending on the size. Each Grand Open will take place over 2 days and if a player remains undefeated after Day 1, he will receive a "first round BYE" for Day 2 (the Top Cut will be adjusted from 8 to 7 or 16 to 15 accordingly).

The Winner of each Grand Open in Europe will receive flight & accomodation to the European Championship to try and claim the coveted European champion title, but also entry to the World Championship! The runner-up of each Grand Open will also be granted a seat at the Continental Championship (European Championship).

In order to make it up for the late arrival of Oceania in the competitive circuit, the Winner(s) of the Grand Open(s) in Oceania will receive entry, flight & accomodation to the World Championship. (details TBD)

Each Grand Open will also have great prize support that we will announce at a later stage!

We will start publishing the list of stores participating in the regionals soon and there is much more to come so stay tuned for other exciting details regarding the Championship Series 2018 and enjoy playing FFTCG!!!