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Hey everyone! I bet you’ve all been itching to see more Opus IV spoilers, so today’s Card of the Week will be back to just that! Opus I and III gave us several characters from WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY, and as we saw in our first Opus IV Card of the Week spoiler, Opus IV will give us even more category WOFF cards! That brings us to this week’s card, Hauyn [4-001H]!

Hauyn, as her card’s Job suggests, is a mysterious woman from WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY. She has connections to nearly every protagonist and antagonist in the game, and it’s those connections that make her stronger. Her emotional bonds make her a powerful summoner, and she is crushed by losing any of those close to her.

Let’s take a look!

Hauyn is a 2 CP Fire Forward with 5000 power that reads, “If you control 3 or more Category WOFF Characters other than Hauyn, Hauyn gains +4000 power. If you control 5 or more Category WOFF Characters other than Hauyn, Hauyn gains +1000 power and Brave.” She’s all about keeping her family safe. With the right Forwards and Backups, Hauyn is a 10,000 Power Forward with Brave for only 2 CP! For anyone looking to build a deck themed around WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY, Hauyn is a welcome addition and a key character to bring a lot of power to your deck. Let’s look at which WOFF characters you’ll want to gather around Hauyn.

The most obvious choices for WOFF Characters are the protagonists of WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY, Lann and Reynn!

Lann [1-027H] is a 3 CP Fire Forward with 7000 power that reads, “Lann cannot be blocked by a Forward with a power greater than his. Lann cannot block a Forward with a power greater than his.” Lann never gets into a fight he doesn’t think he can win, which is great on offense, but not so great when he’s too scared to block an incoming attacker. Use Lann to continuously press the attack, and since he generally won’t be blocked, you won’t usually need to worry about losing him for Hauyn’s ability when you’re attacking.

Reynn [1-028R] is a 4 CP Fire Backup with an EX Burst that allows you to search your deck for Lann and add him to your hand. If you spend 1 Fire CP and 1 CP of an element, you can dull Reynn to give Lann +1000 power until the end of the turn. Since Lann can only be blocked by a Forward with power equal or less than his, Reynn makes it more likely that Lann can take out someone who does block him if you use her ability after a blocker is declared. Together, the twins are a dangerous team!

Since we’re building a WOFF team, The Girl Who Forgot Her Name [3-089R] is absolutely required! She is a 3 CP Earth Backup who searches your deck for a Category WOFF Forward to add to your hand. She can search out Hauyn, Lann, or any other WOFF Forwards you plan on playing.

Earth also has some great WOFF characters like Seraphie and Tama to fill out your deck, but there’s one trio in particular that would be a great fit for a deck focusing on Hauyn.

Segwarides [3-083C] is a 2 CP Earth Backup that gives your Brandelis First Strike during your turn, and you can dull Segwarides to remove First Strike from a character of your choice. Segwarides makes it so your Brandelis will always deal damage first when he’s attacking. Where Lann won’t get into a fight he can’t win, Brandelis can’t actually lose most fights!

Pellinore [3-094C] is a 2 CP Earth Backup that gives your Brandelis Brave. While he won’t have First Strike on your turn, giving Brandelis Brave still leaves him as an option to block with. You can also pay 1 Earth CP, 1 CP of any element, and dull Pellinore to Deal 1000 damage to all Forwards. While Pellinore hits even your own Forwards, when using her with Segwarides and Brandelis, it’s more damage that’s added on top of First Strike. You can almost think of it as an extra 1000 power for Brandelis’ attack!

So now let’s get to Brandelis [3-093H]. He’s a 5 CP Earth Forward with 6000 power and an EX Burst which reads, “When Brandelis enters the field, you may search for 1 Card Name Segwarides or Card Name Pellinore and add it to your hand.” Brandelis also gains +1000 power for having Segwarides in play, and +1000 power for having Pellinore in play, making him 8000 power when both are in play! The fact that he can search out one of them just adds to the amount of searching the WOFF characters can do, making WOFF a very consistent deck, similar to the FINAL FANTASY IX characters.

What do you think? Does Hauynn make you want to focus on WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY for your next deck come Opus IV? Are there any other cards you would include in a WOFF deck? Let us know in the comments on our official Facebook at!

Next week’s Opus IV preview will be a Monster card, another card from the new type!

See you then!